Fellow Conservative,

Obama has hit his target number. In the last fiscal year, he has brought 10,000 Syrian refugees into the United States without fully researching their identities or intentions.

The President had set the end of September as a target date to reach this milestone. They crossed 10,000 mark in the second-to-last week in August.

So what is he doing now? He’s bringing in more.

In the first week of September, the Obama administration brought in an additional 769 unvetted refugees. That’s almost 110 refugees a day… Two months ago, they were operating at a pace that was one tenth of that…

Obama knows his program’s days are numbered, so he is bringing in as many as he can, as fast as he can, even if that means throwing the vetting process out the door!

Out of almost 11,000 Syrian refugees who entered the US last year, only 56 of them were Christians. Send your FaxBlast to Congress and demand they vote on the Religious Persecution Relief Act and prioritize admitting bonafide genocide victims!

What is truly saddening is that just 0.5% of the Syrian refugees brought into the country are Christians.

The numbers show that of the first 10,801 Syrian refugees that had been brought into the country during the 2016 fiscal year, only 56 of them were Syrian Christians.

ISIS is literally crucifying Christians in Syria and the Obama administration only accepted 56 Christians as refugees this past year…

It’s shameful.

The Obama administration’s response is that because Christians are a minority in Syria, it makes sense that they’d make up a minority of Syrian refugees. That’s how the Obama administration is trying to explain this away.

They think it is perfectly logical for a religious community that made up 10% of the Syrian population to receive less than one percent of the refugee spots…

Syrian Christians are right now the targets of Genocide. ISIS is trying to wipe them off of the map. Both the President and Congress have affirmed that the ISIS attacks on Christians do amount to Genocide.

Instead of letting bonafide genocide victims into the United States, Obama is accepting terror sympathizers. If that weren’t the case, then the administration wouldn’t have changed the regulation to allow people who provided limited material support to ISIS to enter the United States. 

From the beginning, we have called on Congress to intervene and ensure that if Syrian refugees are allowed into the US, those spots should be given to bonafide genocide victims.

Well, I am writing to you today to tell you that Congress has heard your plea!

While ISIS was crucifying Christians, Obama only let in 56 Syrian Christian refugees last year… Please, send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they pass the Religious Persecution Relief Act and force Obama to admit Christian genocide victims!

Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would be necessary to force Barack Obama to help Christian victims of genocide. But unfortunately, it is…

Senator Tom Cotton has introduced the Religious Persecution Relief Act. This bill is quite simple. It says that Syrian religious minorities and genocide victims must be given priority in any refugee program.

Only 56 Syrian Christians were given refugee status over the past year. Just think of that.

ISIS is beheading priests, demolishing churches, burning Christians’ homes to the ground, and crucifying them in the public squares… And Obama only brought 56 of them into the country.

It has to stop. Right now, the Obama administration has handed over the responsibility of vetting these refugees to the United Nations. We aren’t even running the background checks anymore.

Our refugee system is designed to allow terrorists in while keeping Syrian Christians out… 

It’s shameful.

Now that Congress is back in session, they will be voting on a number of different bills. It is up to you and every other likeminded Conservative to make sure that the Religious persecution Relief Act is one of them!

While ISIS exterminates Christians, Obama has only let 56 Syrian Christian refugees into the US. That is unacceptable! Please, FaxBlast Congress and tell them to pass the Religious Persecution Relief Act and FORCE Obama to prioritize Syrian Christian refugees for entry!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily