Fellow American,

Do you know how many people arrive on a daily basis into the United States from Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea? The answer is 150.

One-hundred and fifty people legally come to the United States from these Ebola-stricken countries every day. That translates to 4,500 potential Ebola carriers coming into the United States every month!

And what is the Obama administration’s new big plan?

No, the White House isn’t suspending flights from West Africa (which is what 58% of Americans want…).

The Obama administration’s big plan is to ask airline passengers whether they “feel sick.”

This is not a joke. Apparently, when it comes to protecting this country from an epidemic, the Obama administration came up with a policy largely resembling the honor system…

If American lives weren’t in the balance, this would be humorous. But Americans are at risk, and this White House’s response to this epidemic is PITIFUL!

Shut it DOWN! Demand that Congress suspend all air-traffic to Ebola countries until the epidemic is contained!

I don’t care if the Obama administration is taking people’s temperature or asking them to pinky-swear that they aren’t sick… Ebola has a 21-DAY incubation period.

Until that 21-day period is up, infected individuals do not show any symptoms. None of Obama’s so-called containment measures will work if an airline passenger is asymptomatic during transit!

And the idea that these people don’t pose a threat to us is ridiculous.

Barack Obama recently filmed a video message to the people of West Africa, giving them “advice” on how to avoid spreading the disease. “You cannot get it through casual contact like sitting next to someone on a bus,” President Obama promised.

Unfortunately, his advice is worthless. The CDC says that if you are infected, or want to avoid becoming infected, that you should avoid all public transportation because the risk of infection is so high.

Barack Obama literally does not know what he is talking about…

Obama claimed that Ebola would “never reach our shores” and the CDC responded that they knew it would reach us eventually…  Obama is giving West Africans advice to avoid infection and the CDC has to come out and correct all the President’s errors…

Barack Obama doesn’t want to shut down flights to West Africa because he believes that would be racist. We need to take this out of his hands and stop this disease from crossing the Atlantic!

Shut it DOWN! Demand that Congress suspend all air-traffic to Ebola countries until the epidemic is contained!

Michael Osterholm, the director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, has raised the fear that the Ebola virus might one-day mutate and become an airborne pathogen.

While that is incredibly unlikely, it is still statistically possible. If Ebola became airborne, it would decimate life on the planet.

Ebola is a virus and viruses spread by replicating themselves so they can infect others. Every time a virus replicates, it contains a tiny mutation that differentiates itself from the last version. Think of it like writing a long essay. Imagine if every time you pushed print, one word on the paper changed. Eventually, if this happened enough, the pages coming out of the printer would bear no resemblance to what was originally written.

This is how viruses work. The longer a pandemic lasts, the higher the probability for significant, game-changing mutations to occur. However unlikely this might be, there is always the possibility that the virus might mutate into an airborne pathogen.

When it comes to pandemics like these, the policy response has to be designed to deal with worst-case scenarios. Just a few days ago, we had a man from Liberia become violently ill and begin vomiting on a flight to the United States. While he ultimately tested negative, he could have just as easily infected others around him and it wouldn’t take long for it to spread.

Listen: 58% of Americans want to suspend flights to these three countries in West Africa. The question you need to ask yourself is what is more important: potentially saving Americans’ lives or letting 150 potential Ebola carriers into the country every day?

If you care more about Americans’ well-being, then you must get loud and DEMAND that Congress take this out of Obama’s hands and immediately suspend air-traffic to these three countries!

Shut it DOWN! Demand that Congress suspend all air-traffic to Ebola countries until the epidemic is contained!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily