Fellow Conservative,

Eric Holder is leaving the Obama administration as soon as his replacement has been confirmed by the Senate.

This week, the President officially announced that his nominee for AG would be Loretta Lynch, the current U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York.

The Left is applauding this nomination, citing Lynch’s successes in fining financial institutions and fighting corruption. However what the Left has been reluctant to share with the public is the fact that Loretta Lynch is a thief.

A thief is defined as anyone who steals property from someone else with the intent to keep or resell it.

During Loretta Lynch’s time as a District US attorney, she was responsible for seizing more then $904 million from Americans… in only a single year.

No, these aren’t her career statistics. This is what she accomplished in one year in just a single district: seizing close to a BILLION dollars in private property from citizens in 2013. This is nothing but legalized theft and it is happening every day all across America.


You must DEMAND that the Senate block Barack Obama’s nominee for Attorney General!

These types of programs are referred to as civil asset forfeiture. The law allows prosecutors and police officers to seize someone’s money and property without having to convict or even charge them with a crime.

Billions of dollars in cash and private property are seized every year from people who have committed no crime.

This is what Barack Obama’s nominee for Attorney General stands for. She made a living stealing money and property from American citizens.

All across America, police departments and prosecutors’ offices have “wish lists” of items they want their officers to seize. Police even attend seminars teaching them how to “maximize profits” by seizing assets.

Want a flat screen TV for the police station? Just steal it from an innocent citizen.

Need a little more funding for discretionary purchases? Just seize a car and auction it off.

I know it sounds ridiculous but this is happening to innocent people all across the country.

Here’s where it gets even worse. I was extremely skeptical that these types of scams could be happening independent of one another. Surely it wasn’t a coincidence that all these local police and prosecutors were operating on their own.

It turns out that local law enforcement agencies have teamed up with the Department of (in)Justice to skirt state laws and fence their ‘stolen goods.’

Some states have laws against abusive civil asset forfeitures. In these cases, local police team up with the DOJ and label asset seizures as “joint seizures.” This allows them to skirt state law by making it a Federal issue and the DOJ promises to give localities 80% of the proceeds after auction.

Think about this for a second… You have law enforcement agencies coordinating with the DOJ to illegally seize citizens’ property and split the proceeds once sold at auction.

This is already happening but if Loretta Lynch is made Attorney General, you can expect the number of these illegal seizures to only grow!

You must DEMAND that the Senate block Barack Obama’s nominee for Attorney General!

The founding fathers believed that all Americans had the right to life, liberty, and property. We’ve seen how the government has attacked the first two. But I’ll be damned if I just sit back and allow Loretta Lynch to become Attorney General knowing she made her living on stealing from the American people!

In the coming days, we will likely learn more about Loretta Lynch’s past that should disqualify her from being Attorney General.

However, as far as I am concerned, this discovery is good enough.

In one year, this woman stole close to $1Billion from citizens without being forced to even charge them with a crime. And now, Barack Obama wants to make her the Attorney General.

She accomplished that feat in just one year, in just one district in New York. Imagine what she would do in two years as Attorney General!

For this reason alone, you must force Congress to put a STOP to her confirmation and prevent this thief from becoming the nation’s top law enforcement officer!

You must DEMAND that the Senate block Barack Obama’s nominee for Attorney General!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily