Fellow Conservative,

Last year, we fought tooth and nail to stop Obama’s anti-gun Surgeon General nominee, Vivek Murthy, from being confirmed.

For over a year, the Democrats didn’t have enough votes to push him through. There were enough “Blue Dog” Democrats to put a stop to it. Then, when these Democrats lost their elections in November, they showed their true colors. No longer fearing retribution, they voted for Vivek Murthy and he squeaked in by just one vote.

Even though Murthy founded an organization known as ‘Docs Against Glocks,’ he promised during his confirmation hearings that he would not use the position of Surgeon General to push a political gun control agenda.

That. Was. A. Lie.

Vivek Murthy has teamed up with rabidly anti-gun Representative Robin Kelly (D-IL) to introduce new anti-gun legislation. It must be stopped!

Demand that Congress put a stop to Vivek Murthy’s anti-gun agenda and defund his gun control agenda!

The bill is H.R. 224 and if it is passed – or shoved into a must-pass spending bill – it would give the Surgeon General everything he needs to push for more and more gun control! It would give him a platform to promote anti-gun policies and instruct doctors to obey them.

This is the same force behind making Doctors to ask you whether you own a gun. It’s no coincidence that doctors are forced to add this information to your medical records, which the federal government now has increased access to.

When I recently switched doctors, I was asked all the normal questions. Then the doctor asked whether I owned any guns.

I refused to answer and simply got up and left. But refusing to answer might as well be a ‘yes.’

Vivek Murthy is dangerous. He has the ability to set domestic healthcare policy. The Left continues to wrongfully assert that guns are a public health issue and that it is the Surgeon General’s job to push for more gun restrictions.

Really? Where is that in the Constitution?

Honestly… I want to know where the Constitution gives the Surgeon General the power to promote and implement gun control.

That’s right, it doesn’t. But then again, the Constitution doesn’t give the President the authority to give work permits to illegal aliens either…

This bill cannot be allowed to pass and on its own, it probably won’t pass. But you can rest assured that the Democrats will try to add it to another must-pass bill as an amendment in order to squeeze it through. That is how Congress works. If it passes or is added as a rider to a must-pass bill, then it will cause irreparable harm to American gun owners.

Forcing doctors to record whether their patients own guns would be nothing but another way for the government to create a gun owner database. And gun registration leads to gun confiscation 100% of the time. That is a fact.

Vivek Murthy’s plan is nothing but an attempt to implement backdoor gun control. Period.

And it must be stopped. The Surgeon General cannot be allowed to become a propaganda machine for the gun control movement!

Demand that Congress put a stop to Vivek Murthy’s anti-gun agenda and defund his gun control agenda!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily