Fellow Conservative,

As I told you earlier this week, Obama administration officials have been meeting in Mexico to finalize the implementation of the UN Arms Trade Treaty.

Congress refused to ratify this global gun control treaty but Obama had John Kerry sign it anyway. Now, his minions are on their way back from Mexico with good news for the Gungrabber-in-Chief.

Thanks to Obama’s negotiators, the UN Arms Trade Treaty will now be veto-proof. When the rest of the world decides on implementing global gun control, the US will be powerless to stop it.

Obama admin officials just surrendered our sovereignty! Demand that Congress pull out of this terrible treaty!

I’ll tell you what this means… If the majority of countries vote to halt arms imports into the United States, we would be powerless to stop it.

If the majority of countries vote to halt American arms exports, crippling American industry, we would be powerless to stop it.

Not only that, but the UN Arms Treaty mandates that the United States create a registry of all American gun owners just in case those guns ever need to be confiscated. If you buy a gun, the UN would have a record of it.

We killed the Left’s attempt to implement universal background checks on gun purchases because it would have created a universal gun registry. Now, 2 years later, Barack Obama is on the precipice of realizing his goal: registering all of Americans’ firearms.

Congress refused to sign this gun control treaty so Obama signed it anyway. Then, he sent his minions to Mexico City to attend a conference exclusively limited to countries that ratified the treaty.

Now, the Obama administration officials have voted to give up US sovereignty and cave to the international gun control agenda.

The President thinks he can get away with this. There is a reason that this is the first you’ve heard of this. The administration is trying to do this under the cover of darkness and the mainstream media is more than happy to keep the lid on this treason.

But now that you know, you have an obligation to act. You can’t unlearn what I just told you. You can’t just forget about the fact that Obama administration officials are negotiating to surrender US sovereignty.

Be bold and act! Send your FaxBlasts and tell Congress to STOP Obama from entering the country into the UN Arms Treaty!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily