You literally can’t make this up.

On Friday, President Obama said that the strategy against ISIS was working and that the terrorist group was contained. Hours later, ISIS launched a multi-pronged terrorist attack in Paris, killing over 130 people.

Now, after thinking it over for a weekend, President Obama reaffirmed that the United States’ strategy against ISIS was still working and wouldn’t change at all.


Next, we had FBI Director James Comey admitted that the databases in Syria are inaccessible and really thorough background checks will be next to impossible. You can’t just pick up the phone and ask a Syrian bureaucrat to verify someone’s identity. There is a civil war raging.

And then White House Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes came out on the Sunday morning talk shows (sound familiar?) and told the American people that the plan to admit tens of thousands of refugees will go on, even though they have absolutely no way of completely vetting them.

Already, Michigan, Texas, and Alabama are taking a stand and refusing to allow the Obama administration to resettle “refugees” in their states. White House officials have vowed lawsuits if states move to block this resettlement.

Can you imagine? The President of the United States would actually sue states to force them to resettle terrorists…

Right now, the Obama administration is allowing terrorists to come to the United States disguised as terrorists. FaxBlast Congress DEMANDING that this stupidly run refugee program be stopped immediately!

It is a well-known fact that ISIS has taken control of many of Syria’s passport offices. These aren’t shoddy counterfeits that are easily spotted. The passports that ISIS creates are indistinguishable from official passports.

For God’s sake, we just learned that the passports used by the Paris attackers to enter Europe were fakes! They were counterfeits made along the Syrian/Turkish border, likely using official blanks.

This is happening, whether you like it or not. When we warned that terrorists were disguising themselves as refugees, we were called fearmongerers. Now, it has been confirmed. ISIS terrorists have infiltrated refugee camps and are using counterfeit passports to gain admission to Western countries and still, the Left refuses to act.

If we allow Obama to admit tens of thousands of refugees without complete background checks, then we will suffer an attack. It only takes one terrorist to slip through.

But quite honestly, keeping terrorists out has never really been the Obama administration’s goal. They are more interested in open borders than protecting the homeland from attack. In every instance, they have lowered the requirements for admission to the point where an immigrant or refugee can admit to helping finance terrorism and still be let into the United States.

On Saturday, with your help, we bombarded Congress with 85,000 faxes demanding that they stop Obama from opening our borders and leaving us vulnerable to attack. Over the weekend, Congressmen and Senators in both parties came out against the plan. But this morning, President Obama declared that he doesn’t care and will not suspend his plan to bring terrorists onto US soil.

We got Congress to talk, but talking isn’t good enough!

Congress has the power to put a stop to this. They could defund this plan right now and they likely have the votes.

But neither Paul Ryan nor Mitch McConnell are interested in bringing this issue up.

I beg you! FaxBlast Congress right now and DEMAND that they stop Obama’s plan to bring terrorists to the United States!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily