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Yesterday, I told about the news of the day: newly released emails from Hillary’s private server show that Hillary Clinton’s top advisers were managing a Pay-To-Play system within the State Department.

People who donated to the Clinton Foundation – the organization that pays much of the Clintons’ bills – ended up getting preferential treatment and extra access from State Department officials.

The most glaring example from these released emails is the fact that a Lebanese billionaire, after donating between $1 and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation and pledging $1 BILLION to the Clinton Global Initiative, was given access to top State Department policy makers.

It’s obvious corruption and Hillary Clinton expressly promised, in a letter to the State Department’s Compliance Officer, that Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative donors would not be granted any favors.

So you can imagine the FBI’s surprise to see emails from Clinton Foundation officers to Hillary’s staff with the subject line, “A favor…”

That was yesterday’s news. This is 10x bigger.

Remember when James Comey said he could neither confirm nor deny the existence of an investigation into the Clinton Foundation?

Well, we just learned that the FBI did in fact recommend that the DOJ authorize a full investigation into the Clinton Foundation and Barack Obama’s Department of Justice, led by long-time Clinton friend Loretta Lynch, declined the FBI’s recommendation.

The DOJ refused the FBI’s request to investigate the Clinton Foundation! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and demand that they intervene and remove from office anyone who is covering up Hillary’s crimes!

Never before has government corruption been so out in the open.

The narrative is that the career investigators at the FBI cleared Hillary Clinton. That narrative is a lie.

The FBI investigated the Clinton Foundation’s dealings with Hillary Clinton’s State Department in conjunction with the email server investigation. What they found concerned them enough to recommend a full investigation to the DOJ.

And the partisan bureaucrats within Obama’s Department of (in)Justice determined there was nothing to see here…

The crime is called graft. Graft is the practice of a government official using their position of power and authority for their own personal enrichment. The last cabinet secretary who was caught using his position to line his own pockets was William W. Belknap, the Secretary of War during the Grant administration.

He was caught collecting ‘kickbacks’ from authorizing government contracts.

On multiple occasions, when companies and countries had business before the State Department awaiting approval, Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation just coincidentally started getting checks in the mail.

The Algerian government was lobbying the US State Department in 2010 for an increase in weapons export authorization. At the same exact time, Bill Clinton accepted a check for $500,000 from… the Algerian government.

Bill Clinton’s response? He says that he “never considered that the Algerians gave [him] money.” He took a bribe and he was too stupid, apparently, to realize it.

The fact of the matter is that Algeria is just one of six countries who had weapons deals before Hillary Clinton’s State Department and ended up donating large sums of cash to the Clinton Foundation either just before or just after their weapons deals were approved.

This is criminal.

The DOJ refused the FBI’s request to investigate the Clinton Foundation! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and force them to launch a full investigation and remove from power any and all officials involved in Clinton’s corruption!

The FBI preliminarily studied the facts and concluded that a full investigation into these allegations of graft should be launched. They brought their findings to Loretta Lynch’s DOJ and they were turned down.

They didn’t come to Loretta Lynch with a recommendation for indictment. They simply recommended that a full investigation be launched.

Is it any surprise that the Obama administration declined to investigate one of its own for massive corruption? The last cabinet secretary caught accepting kickbacks for government contracts ended up taking a few thousand dollars a year.

The Clinton Foundation took in millions of dollars from countries and companies with business before the State Department. Hillary and Bill Clinton have many of their expenses paid by the Foundation. This is criminal.

This is beyond a Congressional investigation. Bureaucrats within the DOJ deliberately tried to cover up what could be the largest case of government corruption in US history and the Obama administration is covering it up!

Congress must clean house and YOU need to demand it! FaxBlast and FORCE Congress launch a full investigation and punish any and all officials involved in Clinton’s corruption!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily