The Pentagon and the Obama administration blinked. They were all set to forcibly discharge Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland for ‘shoving’ a confessed serial child rapist in Afghanistan.

It appeared that all hope was lost when the Army denied his latest appeal.

Then you came along. You joined the chorus of thousands of like-minded Patriots around the country and demanded that Congress intervene.

And, they did. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) and a few of his colleagues co-authored a resolution to get Sgt. Martland reinstated. Democrats immediately promised to block it. The last thing they wanted to do was go on the record against the President.

But, the outcry was enough. The Pentagon decided to delay Sgt. Martland’s discharge to allow him one more appeal.

So you’re probably thinking ‘my job is done.’ Not even close.

At the end of this delay, the Army’s decision will be instant. No time to rally the troops to defend Sgt. Martland. If his appeal is denied, he’s gone.

The resolution has already been introduced to force the Army to reinstate this brave American soldier.

Don’t delay! Demand that Congress save this American hero and pass House Resolution 451!

H.Res 451 is quite literally the most common-sense piece of legislation ever written in Congress. It essentially has 4 major points:

(1) Members of the United States Armed Forces should not be punished for standing up to child rapists;

(2) Putting the interests of Afghan rapists ahead of American war heroes is a national disgrace;

(3) The Americans who should be punished are those who created and condone the immoral and reprehensible policy that encourages members of the Armed Forces to ignore child rape; and

(4) The Secretary of Defense should immediately order the reinstatement of Sergeant First Class Charles Martland as a member of the Army.

This is something that every single American should be able to get behind and Congress is starting to get behind it. When the resolution was introduced, it had just 3 cosponsors. A week later, it now has 27 cosponsors.

When the Commander in Chief and his deputies put the rights of Afghan child rapists over American heroes, then it is a national disgrace.

As you remember, Sgt. Martland is the man who ‘shoved’ and Afghan police officer who confessed to kidnapping and raping a small boy over the course of 10 days. The Pentagon is involuntarily discharging him for – and this is not a joke – “disrespecting local customs.” That’s how backwards this administration is.

For the past month, we have bombarded Congress with over 400,000 faxes and we couldn’t have done it without your help. We are making Charles Martland a household name and gaining support to have this American hero reinstated before Obama kicks him out!

We’re running out of time! I beg you, tell Congress to pass H.Res 451 and reinstate this American hero before it’s too late!

We’re not out of the woods yet.  Barack Obama and the Democrats are eager to make an example of Sgt. Martland. If they get their way, Martland will be just another casualty in the Left’s political correctness war.

It’s amazing that Democrats would be so hell bent on defending Afghan rape culture, but I guess that’s the approach they want to take. But that doesn’t mean they have to win.

The last thing the administration wanted was a vote on this resolution. So, they delayed Martland’s discharge to hopefully take this hero out of the headlines.

If House Resolution 451 passes, this Liberal plot will be stopped in its tracks. Period.

The only thing left is one last push in Congress and that starts with you!

Don’t let the Obama administration punish this American hero! Demand that Congress vote and pass H.Res. 541 immediately to reinstate Sgt. Martland!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily