Fellow Conservative,

Today is a big day. If you’ve turned on the news at any point over the weekend, you know that today, Iowans become the first in the nation to caucus for President.

But something else huge is happening today. Congress is beginning the process to levy new sanctions against Iran and North Korea.

This is a big deal. Last month, Iran fired rockets dangerously close to US Naval Vessels in violation of UN sanctions. They boarded, disarmed, imprisoned, and, in violation of the Geneva Convention, mocked sailors who accidentally drifted into their territorial waters.

Barack Obama allowed the sanctions against the Islamic Republic to lapse. Even though Congress imposed them, Obama unilaterally decided to lift them. Unconstitutional.

But we cannot afford to wait for the courts to work through this President’s unconstitutional acts. Congress needs to act now.

The House of Representatives held a vote to levy new sanctions against Iran last month, but over 140 Representatives weren’t there. Even though the vote passed, Paul Ryan vacated the vote so that the absent Congressmen could go on record.

Now, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are saying “Not So Fast!” They’re vowing to fight this to the end in order to protect Obama’s legacy of capitulating to Iran!

Don’t let Obama’s cowardice stand any more! Force Congress to pass new sanctions against Iran and North Korea today!

The Islamic Republic of Iran, just this past month, was given over $150 Billion. No sooner had they received the money, they promised to increase funding for Hezbollah and other terror groups. They continue to defiantly test their medium-to-long range missile – which have no purpose other than to deliver nuclear payloads – and this President does nothing about it.

The legislation coming to the floor today and tomorrow would deal with Iran and North Korea simultaneously.

As you remember, it was only through the appeasement of the Clinton administration that North Korea was able to develop nuclear weapons in the first place. And here we are, two decades later, with North Korea successfully testing a hydrogen bomb. The only solace we have is that they don’t have a reliable delivery method yet.

We cannot afford to let Iran keep testing their medium-to-long range missiles. Because when they violate their nuclear agreement – which they will – they will be able to hit us if we let this research continue.

Today and tomorrow’s votes are critical. Democrats will vote no, predictably, to try to salvage President Obama’s legacy. They will put the President’s image over the safety and security of future generations. Let the history books judge them for that.

But when the history books write of what we did – when they write of what you did – they will tell a different story. They will tell a story of a brave citizen who stood up and forced his legislators to put a stop to this madness!

Obama’s cowardice is putting this country in danger! FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND they levy new sanctions against Iran and North Korea immediately!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily