Fellow Conservative,

It really is predictable. In the wake of every terror attack, the Democrats push for more gun control regardless of the weapon used.

Even over the weekend, the liberal pundits were trying to make this a gun control issue. They said that we should be thankful that Ahmad Rahami used a bomb and not a gun.

Harry Reid (D-NV) took to the floor of the Senate and called for the passage of No Fly, No Buy legislation.

Right now, in order for the government to suspend a citizen’s constitutional rights, they need to be convicted of crime. This is middle school civics. What Harry Reid is calling for is lowering the threshold for disarmament.

Proving someone guilty beyond a reasonable doubt is not good enough, according to Harry Reid. He is demanding that the government have the right to disarm someone based on reasonable suspicion, without even having to charge them with a crime!

Republican turncoats are lining up to surrender your 2nd and 5th Amendment rights! Send your FaxBlast and DEMAND Congress kill this anti-gun legislation!

After the Orlando shooting, it was revealed that the shooter wasn’t even on a terror watch list at the time of the attack. But that didn’t stop the Democrats and liberal Republicans from pushing this anti-gun bill.

The No Fly, No Buy bill might not have stopped the Pulse Nightclub shooter, they explained, but it would surely prevent the next terror attack.

Fast-forward to today. Other than a few noise violations and a weird court fight over the family’s fried chicken restaurant, the terrorist wasn’t on the police’s radar.

But when you’re a liberal, facts aren’t important. The feelings are what matter…

"We can argue from now on about whether this bill would have prevented this weekend's attacks," Reid said, "but one thing is for sure, it would prevent the next attack."

That is exactly what he said in June. He’s wrong now just like he was wrong then… Unfortunately, we don’t just need to hold off the Democrats on this.

The bill that they will be voting on is not a Democrat bill… It is sponsored by a Republican.

Susan Collins (R-ME) and her allies swear that this anti-gun legislation protects due process rights.

Let’s be clear about what they mean on that. Under this bill, the government would be given the power to block citizens from purchasing firearms if they suspect someone is a terrorist. Once they make this declaration, the individual having his or her rights violated would get to hire a lawyer and go to court to prove they are innocent.

Forcing an American citizen to pay out of pocket to prove their innocence in court when they aren’t even being charged with a crime is not due process.

That’s not how our justice system works! Raise your voice and STOP Congress from giving the Obama administration the power to suspend the 2nd Amendment at will!

This is a complete perversion of our justice system.

I get that Paul Ryan and others want to stop terrorists from buying guns. But the solution is to charge terrorists with crimes!

The law already allows for people charged with terrorism crimes to have their 2nd Amendment rights suspended pending the result of a trial. The law also allows for people charged with violent felonies – which terrorism is – to be remanded into custody and denied bail.

The government already has all the tools at its disposal to disarm people it confidently believes are terrorists. But that’s not what the GOP and the Democrats want.

They want to give the government the power to disarm people without being confident they are terrorists!

Being on the No Fly List doesn’t mean you’re a terrorist. If it did, why would they turn people away and send them home when they try to board an aircraft? Wouldn’t it make sense to arrest them on the spot?

That’s because being on the No Fly List doesn’t make you a terrorist. Elementary school children have been added to the list. Congressmen have been barred from flying because their name appears on it.

It is bad enough that the government is able to arbitrarily prevent someone from boarding an airplane for years without even charging them with a crime, but it is unconscionable that the GOP and Democrats want to expand this power to include suspending portions of the Bill of Rights!

Don’t let them get away with this! FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress kill any and all unconstitutional gun control bills, including ‘No Fly, No Buy’ legislation!

The GOP Leadership just resurrected their “No Fly, No Buy” bill today and are now actively courting Democrats to vote for it. The only reason the Democrats are hesitant is because they want the bill to go even further…

As soon as they cut the charade and realize this is the best they’ll get, the Democrats will vote for it and this bill will sail through Congress.

We are out of time!

There’s no coming back from this… FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress stop the Turncoat Republicans from pushing this rabid, anti-gun legislation!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily