Fellow Conservative,

Last week, Harry Reid and the Democrats blocked the Senate's attempt to vote on the Iran nuclear deal. Now, Mitch McConnell is going to try to break through the Democrat blockade one more time.

The way the Senate works is that in order to hold a final vote on a piece of legislation, there must be a vote to end debate. Unless 60 Senators agree to end debate and go to a final vote, the legislation will continue to be debated. In reality, the legislation is usually dropped when this happens.

Last week, 42 Liberal Senators succeeded in stopping a final vote from being held. Shameful, right?

But now, Mitch McConnell is going to try again. The Senate is holding a second vote to end debate. If it succeeds, a bill to stop the Iran deal could hit Obama's desk as early as tonight. Then, he would be forced to veto something the vast majority of Americans support.

It is up to you to raise hell and DEMAND that all of Congress put a stop to this horrible nuclear deal.

No way! Tell Congress to put a stop to this suicidal nuclear deal before Obama lifts the sanctions!

As an aside, one of the reasons that the Obama administration believed the nuclear agreement would be successful is because Iran wouldn't have enough Uranium and would be forced to import Uranium if they ever wanted to build a bomb. We just learned this week that Iranian surveys have found a huge Uranium deposit inside the country. The government announced that it would expedite its mining operations.

Now, Iran has enough Uranium reserves to build a bomb on its own. In just a matter of days, we have lost the ability to monitor how much Uranium Iran has access to.

The whole deal is crooked.

The Senate wouldn't be holding another vote unless they thought it had a chance of going through but they need your help! 

Don't let Obama and the Left surrender to Iran! Demand that Congress vote down this horrible nuclear agreement!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily