My friend,

By now, you must know that John Boehner has announced his retirement. He plans to resign from Congress on October 30. Originally, he was going to leave last year but when Virginia primary voters kicked House Majority Leader Eric Cantor out of office, Boehner decided to stay on because there was no clear successor.

Now, the race is shaping up to have two real contenders: Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) who is an establishment insider and Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) who is a real Conservative.

John Boehner had scheduled a vote for the new House leadership this Thursday, but now that it is clear his guy doesn’t have the votes, he is postponing it in order to change the rules and rig the election!

This is completely unacceptable!

When Boehner announced he was resigning, I was ecstatic. But then he announced he would be spending the next month implementing his liberal policies.

He needs to step down and he needs to step down now!

Don’t let Boehner get away with this! Demand that Congress expedite his resignation and force this RINO out!

No sooner had Boehner announced his resignation, it was revealed that he had cut a deal with the Democrats to completely fund Planned Parenthood. John Boehner and 90 of his establishment allies joined the entire Democrat caucus to keep Planned Parenthood’s butcher shops funded.

He’s a traitor. But it makes sense, in a way. Boehner has nothing to lose. He is a lame duck and can pretty much do whatever he wants.

With Boehner’s decision to delay elections, it is clear that we can no longer just stand by and allow Boehner to act unchecked. He doesn’t like how the votes are shaping up.

Before Boehner announced his resignation, there were plans in the works to force him out of power. We can literally no longer afford to let this RINO hold onto power!

They say that politicians show their true selves when they don’t have to face re-election. Boehner’s true self is now clear as day.

The administration just announced that it had finalized negotiations with Asian countries over a new trade agreement. Here in the United States, this is known as Obamatrade.

Do you trust Boehner to fight against Obamatrade? No, neither do I.

Don’t let Boehner surrender any more! Demand that Congress expedite Boehner’s resignation and remove him from power before he can cause any more harm!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily