Oh, what a summer this has been. Washington is buzzing. The resolution to oust John Boehner as Speaker of the House is gaining momentum and I am happy to say that by our count, we most likely have enough votes to get it done.

The resolution is simple: it would vacate the Speaker’s chair and then allow Congress to hold a new election. It would NOT require that Congressmen vote for a specific person to replace Boehner. It would be two separate votes: one to remove Boehner and another to replace him.

That is what makes this so doable. If every Democrat voted against Boehner, then it only takes 30 Republicans to vote remove John Boehner.

Because these would be separate votes, there is no chance that a Liberal speaker would ever be installed as Speaker of the House.

That is why it is so important to FaxBlast Republicans and Democrats. With Boehner in control of what bills get voted on, we need both parties’ help if we want to get this done!

We are SO close! Raise your voice and demand that Congress remove and replace John Boehner immediately!

Earlier this month, Boehner was so close to putting the resolution to a vote. He was essentially calling the Conservatives’ bluff and daring them to remove him.

But when he sent his minions out to count up the votes, they came back with the hard truth: if Boehner allowed a vote, he would lose. So, the Speaker of the House tabled the resolution and went on vacation, knowing full well that he no longer had the support of his party or the majority of the House of Representatives.

 We’re going to get this fool out of office, you mark my words.

Usually, the Speaker of the House has the ability to block pieces of legislation. But a 51% vote can bypass the Speaker’s discretion and discharge bills locked up in committee.

This is where you come in. I know you have a lot going on in your life, but I need your help. I need you to raise all hell and force Congress to remove this RINO from power as soon as possible.

America deserves better. YOU deserve better. All you have to do is reach out and take it!

No more RINOs! No more Boehner! Tell your Representatives and Senators to remove Boehner and McConnell as well!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily