Fellow Conservative,

Congress is just days away from dealing with next year’s budget. Congress is never more powerful than during a budget vote.

The Founding Fathers created our government’s system of checks and balances for a reason. It is the Executive Branch’s job to enforce the law. But if an administration refuses to do so, Congress can cut off funding and force them to honor their oaths.

Take illegal immigration, for example. If President Obama refuses to enforce our immigration laws and wants to hand out work permits to people in the country illegally, then it is up to Congress to defund that program.

But Congress didn’t defund Obama’s amnesty. Even though they railed against it, they still funded it.

Now, we are confronted with something that is much worse. Millions of tax dollars are being funneled into the largest abortion provider in the country. This is an organization that is killing unborn children, harvesting their organs and body parts, and then selling them on the open market. Yes, it is a market because according to Planned Parenthood, the price is negotiable.

The law says that the sale of these organs can only be to cover costs. Costs are set. You negotiate when you want to make a profit.

Whether what they did was illegal or just morally despicable is not important. If the American people don’t want to pay for something, they don’t have to. Period.

Don’t let Congress fund this butcher shop. Force Congress to DEFUND Planned Parenthood and move the funding to organizations that truly help women!

We get tons of emails every day saying that what Planned Parenthood did is fine because it wasn’t technically illegal. Really? Is that what this has come to?

We’re not allowed to be up in arms about a taxpayer-funded organization selling the body parts of aborted children because they’re operating in the grey area of the law?

Just because a decades-old law hasn’t caught up to what this butcher shop is doing doesn’t mean that we need to keep giving them our hard earned money.

We are talking about children. If you say this to someone on the Left, they say “No! That’s a fetus.”

Well, have you ever heard someone go in for a natal check up and have the doctor refer to the child as a fetus? No! The doctor tells the mother the baby is doing fine. It’s only called a fetus he or she has a target on their forehead.

These are children. Planned Parenthood isn’t just killing these children. They are choosing to dismember them in the womb in order to maximize the organs and tissue that they can sell. That is how little they care about life. They would rip a baby limb from limb without any anesthetics in order to get more tissue to sell.

Whether the law has caught up to deal with this butchering is irrelevant. The American people don’t have to justify ANYTHING.

Planned Parenthood isn’t entitled to anything! Tell Congress to hold the line and defund this butcher shop once and for all!

Listen, if Congress passes a budget and the President refuses to sign it, then HE owns any shutdown.

If Democrats filibuster a budget that the majority supports, then THEY own the shutdown.

But Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are spineless… If you don't stop these RINOs, they are going to give Planned Parenthood even more money!

Don’t let Congress fund this horrible organization! Demand they defund Planned Parenthood by any means necessary!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily