Money & Power

Waking Up & Taking Action to Make America Stronger

By Steven S. Sadleir

This is the first of many articles whose purpose is to inform and inspire citizens to take the necessary action that can turn the United States of America around and bring us back to the principals and practices that make this country financially strong for so long.  For inspiration and guidance we turn to the founding fathers themselves, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and others who very clearly explained what was creating the prosperity and liberty that made America a marvel and envy of the world. They also, very clearly, laid out what the citizens of this new nation had to do in order to keep our prosperity, happiness and peace, and what we needed to be careful of in order to keep those liberties and continue to prosper.

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America has fallen asleep. We’ve become dependent on representatives in government who, for the most part, no longer represent the interests of “we the people” and have become the foot soldiers of multinational corporations, PAC’s and the Banking Cartel.  These entities have tremendous leverage over the Congress – more than most people realize. The press has increasingly developed into a propaganda tool of those same corporations that own them, and not only neglect to keep the citizens informed about the economy but, it turns out, often provides disinformation when it serves their interests; as was the case with the “credit crisis.”

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The solution was given to us by Franklin and Jefferson: We need to wake up, take personal responsibility to be accurately informed, to make sure our representatives represent our interests “we the people” and to be leery of that 1% that have essentially become a corporate monarchy. I began research on this subject in the early 1980’s, and made a point to go to college to study this subject.  Specifically, I studied at Menlo and Sanford business schools and the University of Wales where I received my MA in financial economics to understand monetary policy.  Later, I worked as an economist for the United States government at the East-West Center and then worked in the international lending department of Lloyds Bank, Los Angeles office.

After working many years as a banking consultant, and later an investment banker and fund advisor, I learned that the general public is grossly misinformed about monetary and economic policies.  Unfortunately I believe that is on purpose. If the public knew what was really going on they would raise hell, and that’s the purpose of these articles on Money & Power. We are going to provide you the insights and information so you can see what is really going on in Washington and around the world. The veil of secrecy and deception is being removed.

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In order to provide you the tools you need so we can take back America, Conservative Daily is going to reprint sections of my new book Money & Power, The Secret History. Take time not only to read these articles so you can be informed, but also to look up this information for yourself. Don’t just take my word for it. In a world of conflicting opinions and misinformation it’s important that you look at multiple sides and consider different opinions, and more importantly know where to go to key the resource information to see for yourself. Information is power, so each reader needs to be empowered by being informed.

The good news is the United States is still the strongest economy and most powerful nation in the world, and the greatest resource we have is our own people. Every time our nation has been called to task we have blown the world away with our economic and social power. We still have tremendous resources and an infrastructure that could turn our economy around in months. But those changes don’t serve those on top who want to keep control, and they will fight to keep control. Our ignorance is their power.

We’re going to be looking at our banking system, how money is created and who controls it. We’re going to discuss what actions steps can be taken to make our economy more productive and how to get people working again for the benefit of the entire nation, and not just the few on top.

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We are also going to be looking at how to reform the government so that it stops growing itself and fosters genuine economic development.  How to encourage economic growth, create jobs and to truly reduce taxes. The strength of our nation is built upon the entrepreneurial drive and industrious nature of its citizens, as well as the financial infrastructure and education imbedded within the nation. We need to tell our government what we want it to do, instead of it telling us what it’s going to do. But in order to make these changes we need to first be educated and informed, and then we need to take action en masse. In other words, WE NEED YOU!

Become an active member of our republic, and a leader in bringing about the changes that need to be made. It’s time for us to wake up and take charge again. Together we can make a difference, and must. It’s ultimately up to us.


Steven S. Sadleir