If we take President Barack Obama at his word, he knows nothing about the recent scandals that are threatening his presidency. On the surface, that is enough to make a logical person wonder what, then, is he doing as President of the United States (other than playing golf and vacationing in Hawaii)?

Did his teleprompter break? He knows nothing, he sees nothing, he has no opinion on anything, and he is completely out of it.

And, he should be out of office. Impeach him—now.

Fax Congress To Proceed With Impeachment Proceedings Now!

Despite Mr. Obama’s loss of memory, Americans remember all to well his crimes. If we follow the facts, nearly everything he has told America has been a lie or a cover up.

He and his administration allowed Americans to be killed, then covered it up, for political reasons.

He and his administration tapped AP phone lines, for political reasons.

He and his administration influenced the outcome of a U.S. presidential election by stifling the progress of conservative groups that disagreed with him.

In addition to his many other crimes against America and our freedoms, Barack Hussein Obama should be impeached. He is attacking the very freedoms that American was founded on, and he likely gained his second term in fraudulent way.

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The idea of America is being destroyed from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Free speech, free elections, open government, the right to be secure in our homes—Obama has not only had an ideological problem with these freedoms from the get-go, he has actively worked to eliminate them.

The facts are coming out, and they are despicable. Barack Obama’s administration is lawless, shameless, and unapologetic. He has made illegal appointments … disregarded the Constitution … caused the deaths of Americans … and violated Habeas Corpus.

Now, the curtain has been pulled back on his dirty and illegal election tricks that ended up putting him in the White House for four more years.

Members of Congress have mentioned impeachment—even Democrats. Show your outrage. Tell Members of Congress to impeach Obama and restore dignity and freedom to the United States of America.

Fax Congress Now!


Tony Adkins

Conservative Daily