Fellow Conservative,

The GOP took over control of the Senate yesterday, meaning that for the first time in 8 years, Republicans control both chambers of Congress.

This should usher in an era of Conservative governance. Why shouldn’t it? The American people voted and elections have consequences.

But before these new Republicans were even sworn in, the White House was already promising to release even more Executive Orders. The President has no interest in working with Republicans at all.

Seriously? The Democrats got their butts kicked in the midterm election and instead of accepting that, Obama is already back to ruling by executive fiat. Enough is enough!

Prior to the midterm, all we heard from our critics was that it wasn’t the right time to call for Obama’s impeachment. They said that if we did, we would lose the next election.

If you’re reading this now and feel that way, you’re probably saying that impeaching Obama would be suicide with the 2016 election so close.

Well, there is an election of one kind or another every two years. There will never be an “opportune moment” to impeach this President. There will always be a million reasons not to act. But we can no longer sit back and watch this usurper expand the power of the presidency and destroy the checks and balances that keep this country running!

The GOP is back in control! Demand that they impeach Barack H. Obama!

President Bill Clinton was impeached for having an inappropriate relationship with an intern in the White House and then lying about it.

Barack Obama has systematically dismantled the government designed by the founding fathers. He has turned the Presidency into a kingship and chosen to rule by executive orders instead of working with Congress.

Obama promised from the beginning to change the way Washington does business. He promised to return the country to constitutional governance. He chose to do exactly the opposite.

The American people and Congress voted down the President’s gun control proposal. Instead of accepting defeat, Obama implemented gun control by executive order!

The American people and Congress voted down the President’s immigration proposals. Instead of accepting this, Obama has single-handedly legalized millions of illegal aliens in complete violation of the law!

The Obama administration has illegally implemented the Affordable Care Act, taking a dysfunctional law and adding thousands of pages of regulations that Congress never even approved!


And whenever a department or agency within the administration has been caught breaking the law, the President and his cronies have perverted executive privilege to shield these criminals from prosecution.

Time after time, the President has grabbed more power for himself to implement his agenda. The checks and balances designed by the Founders to bring balance to government have been all but destroyed.

Obama believes he has the power to write the law, interpret the law, and selectively enforce the law. He is wrong!

Impeachment isn’t a dirty word. It is the only surefire mechanism that the Founders left us to deal with an out-of-control, tyrannical President.

With GOP in control of both chambers, impeachment is possible. But only if you demand it!

The GOP is back in control! Demand that they impeach Barack Obama for High Crimes and Misdemeanors!

Are you ready to give up on this great experiment with self-governance and coronate Obama as King or Emperor?

That is what is at stake. Before the new Congress was even sworn in, Obama was out promising new sweeping executive orders.

The President’s job is to ‘faithfully execute the law.’ By all definitions, Obama has failed to meet this responsibility. But it is worse than that. Obama has openly REFUSED to defend the law and the Constitution!

I understand that you think the prospect of Obama being forcibly removed from power is slim. I’m reminded of a saying that I tell my son’s soccer team: You miss a hundred percent of the shots you don’t take. Sure, impeachment and conviction would be difficult. But going down this path is worth it and necessary to control Obama’s overreach.

What I do know is that we gain nothing by remaining silent. Sitting in the shadows and watching the destruction of this country accomplishes nothing. I say this often, but when my children and grand-children ask me down the road what I did to save the country, I want my response to be “everything I possibly could.”

The stakes really are this high. Executive power has been expanded almost to the point of no return. If the President is allowed to write, interpret, and selectively enforce the laws, then our republic is dead. If Congress does not reassert its authority now, then our experiment with self-governance will fail.

I refuse to sit back and watch. It is time to act. It is time for you to join the millions of Patriots around the country and FORCE Congress to stop this out of control president once and for all!

The GOP is back in control! Demand that they impeach Barack Obama for High Crimes and Misdemeanors!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily