Dear Conservative,

This week, the GOP did the unthinkable: they caved and allowed Loretta Lynch to become the next attorney general.

We have covered how lynch is rabidly anti-gun and supports Obama’s executive action on amnesty, but little has been discussed in the media about how pro-abortion this woman is.

In 2006, Loretta Lynch signed an amicus brief sent to the Supreme Court arguing that the Federal partial-birth abortion ban was unconstitutional because the term "living fetus" was "hopelessly vague." It doesn’t get more disgusting than this…

Thanks to the spineless GOP, this woman is the chief law enforcement agent in the country.

Some in the left have even moved beyond partial-birth abortions and begun advocating what they call “after-birth abortion.” No, this is not a joke. There are liberals who are advocating “aborting” children after they’ve already been born!

Congress has completely buckled on protecting the rights of the unborn. Demand that they pass the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act of 2015 and outlaw abortion after 20 weeks!

At 20 weeks, unborn children feel pain. If surgeons need to operate on a child in utero, the child is given fetal anesthesia to alleviate the pain.

Some doctors have witnessed in utero pain reactions as early as 18-weeks into a pregnancy.

The fact of the matter is that doctors are ethically required to administer anesthesia to reduce the child’s pain and suffering. So how can it possibly be legal to kill a 20-week old baby?

There is an abortion procedure known as “dismemberment.” It is exactly what it sounds like. As late as the second trimester, doctors kill the baby by literally dismembering it.

I believe life begins at conception and it is horrifying to think that a child could undergo such a gruesome procedure and feel all of the accompanying pain.

That is what the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act of 2015 (HR 36) attempts to stop. When the unborn child reaches 20-weeks and is able to feel and register pain signals, he or she cannot be aborted. Period.

Heck, we have laws against cruel and unusual punishment for criminals. There is a whole industry designed to implementing the death penalty with minimal pain. Yet while we spend millions and millions of dollars to painlessly kill murderers, nothing is being done to protect the unborn.

Congress had a chance to pass this law earlier in the year, and they got cold feet. They left hundreds of thousands of March for Life demonstrators out in the cold.

When the Supreme Court released its decision in Roe v Wade, it stated that it was unconscionable to abort a baby who had reached the developmental point of viability. The court defined viability as the moment a fetus could “potentially survive” outside of the womb, even with the help of medical aids.

The Court left it up to Congress to delineate this point in gestation and the science supports outlawing abortion after 20-weeks.

In 2011, a child was born in Europe at 21 weeks and survived, proving that the point of viability is much earlier than the Supreme Court believed in 1973. Another child was born at 21 weeks, 5 days gestation in 2006. Today, she is in Second Grade.

Pro-abortion advocates believe that they have the right to abortion on-demand at any point in pregnancy. The reality is that numerous court cases support the right of states and the Federal government to outlaw abortions after the point of viability.

When this bill was brought before Congress in January, the GOP spit in our faces and chickened out. We cannot allow that to happen again!

Pressure is rising for Congress to pass this common-sense law. It is up to you to raise your voice and protect the rights of the unborn!

Tell Congress that if the unborn can feel pain, they CANNOT be aborted!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily