Fellow Conservative,

Truly remarkable. After FBI Director James Comey dismantled Hillary Clinton’s lies not once, but twice on national television, Clinton is back on the interview circuit trying to lie her way out of this.

On Friday, she point-blank said that she never sent or received information marked classified, even though the FBI Director testified under oath that she did.

Hillary’s response to that? She claims the FBI Director was “speculating.”

No, Mrs. Clinton, the head of the nation’s largest law enforcement agency was stating facts.

This woman needs to be put behind bars.

No delay! FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress refer Hillary Clinton to the FBI for perjury prosecution immediately!

During last week’s committee hearing, Rep. Jason Chaffetz said that a formal referral for perjury prosecution would be coming to the FBI in “a few hours.”

We have now learned that there is a snag in the referral process and House Republicans are hoping to have a formal referral submitted by next week.

There’s no reason we should be left “hoping” that Hillary Clinton is investigated for perjury. She committed perjury. At the very least, she made false statements under oath (which is also a crime).

Here are the three lies that Hillary Clinton told under oath at her Benghazi hearing.

She declared that she turned over “all [her] work related emails,” she swore that there was “nothing marked classified on [her] emails,” and she proclaimed that her attorneys “went through every single email.”

The FBI conducted a criminal investigation and, while they did not recommend prosecution for Espionage Act violations, they confirmed that those three statements, made under oath, were completely untrue.

The FBI found thousands of work-related emails that Hillary didn’t turn over, found a number of emails with classification markings, and confirmed that her attorneys did not go through all of her emails before choosing which emails to hand over and which to destroy.

Three strikes and you’re out.

With the news of an impending perjury charge, what is Hillary choosing to do with her time? She’s digging herself a deeper hole and calling the FBI director a liar!

Whether she committed perjury or simply gave false statements under oath, she committed three distinct crimes. As FBI Director Comey admitted, these crimes carry the potential of a jail sentence.

I have no idea what is holding up this perjury referral. The only way it could be held up is if GOP leadership didn’t want it to move forward.

You can probably guess which RINO Congressmen are likely holding it up…

Hillary lied under oath and now the GOP is slow walking the criminal referral. Stand up and FORCE Congress to submit a formal referral to the FBI to charge Hillary with perjury!

We here at Conservative Daily have always said that if we want to defeat the Democrats, we’re going to have to defeat the RINOs in the Republican Party first.

That starts by pushing this referral through.

Hillary Clinton lied under oath three times. The evidence that the FBI Director put forward proves that.

It’s been two days. A small number of Republicans are obviously holding up this criminal referral. They want to wait.

I don't know about you, but I'm done waiting patiently for Hillary Clinton to see the inside of a jail cell.

Whatever it takes, you must force Congress to push this criminal referral through. FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress refer Hillary Clinton to the FBI for perjury charges!


Max McGuire

Advocacy Director

Conservative Daily