Fellow Conservative,

This time last week, I told you that the number of GOP Senators who were open to sitting down with Obama’s nominee to “hear him out” and potentially vote for him had grown to 7. That was just under half the required GOP votes to push an Obama nominee through with complete Democrat support. Well, while we were celebrating Easter, that number doubled to 14. But now, I regret to inform you that it is even worse.

Two more Republican Senators have now come out of the woodwork. Senator Toomey (R-PA) has announced that he will meet with Obama’s nominee to hear him out. Senator Moran (R-KS) has gone even further and started demanding hearings and a vote. This pushes the number of GOP surrenders to sixteen, which is the Left’s magic number.

We have crossed the threshold. FoxNews reported today that a total of 16 Republicans – 25% of the whole Senate Caucus – have come out and agreed to “hear him out.” The Democrats have ALL the required Republicans to push through Obama’s radical Leftist nominee!

The Democrats have more than enough Republicans to push this nomination through! Force Congress to STOP this surrender and kick Obama’s Supreme Court nominee to the curb!

If Senator Toomey sounds familiar, he should. He was the token “conservative” who co-sponsored the Left’s radical gun control bill in 2013. Now, he is meeting with Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee to figure out a path forward.

Combine that with Senator Moran’s call for full hearings and votes and it is clear to see the trend. The GOP is caving. They’re falling apart.

Today, the Supreme Court released its first 4-4 split ruling. If Justice Scalia was still alive, we would have had a massive victory today. Instead, the tie leads to defeat. The Court will now allow Unions to force members to contribute to their political campaigns even if the members disagree with their politics.

If Obama puts another Liberal onto the court, then this liberal ruling will just be one of many.

And Republican Senators are actually getting in line to make that a reality. Unbelievable…

The future of the Supreme Court is at stake. If Obama gets his nominee through, there is no telling when we will next see a Conservative victory at the Supreme Court…

For the GOP to cave like this is stunning. Yes, they have surrendered far too often for us to count. But never on something so fundamental as this. Never did I think that a full quarter of the caucus would cave like this.

This is why we fight. Because while we went about our days and tended to our lives, the people we elected to represent our interests went behind our backs. While the mainstream media had us all focused on what candidate said what to whom, our elected officials were meeting behind closed doors to confirm Obama’s leftist nominee.

Please, don’t just sit idly by. Click and FaxBlast Congress to demand they shoot down Obama’s nominee before any more Republicans surrender!

I know it’s a lot to ask. For many reading this, you have heard more about the inner workings of the Senate’s confirmation process than you ever expected to.

It gets tiring. But know that your efforts have accomplished real change. We are forcing the GOP to state their positions. With every FaxBlast, you draw a line in the sand and force so-called Conservatives to pick a side. Now, however, it is crunch time. There is no turning back. If every Republican who agrees to meet with Garland casts a vote for him, it would be enough to push him through. They hit the magic number and this is SERIOUS! 

We have reached the point of no return.

I know it is a lot, but if you can, please send your FaxBlasts today. Today, it is more important than ever. With more surrenders hitting the news everyday, we cannot afford to let up!

The Democrats now have enough GOP support there to push Obama’s nominee through! Don’t let it happen! Force Congress to send Obama’s Supreme Court nominee packing immediately!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily