Fellow Conservative,

On New Year’s Eve, the State Department announced that they would not meet the court's deadline to hand over a specific number of Hillary Clinton's emails. If this sounds familiar, they also released a batch on Christmas Eve. This is designed to get a little media coverage as possible. No one cares about a document dump or breaking news on New Years Eve. It's easy to hide the former-Secretary of State's improprieties behind the veil of holiday celebrations.

The State Department did release some documents. We’ve been making our way through these and not a whole lot is interesting. But the number of classified emails on Hillary Clinton’s server now tops 1,200. A total of 8% of all emails released are classified. That is a FACT.

Just for comparison, the maximum penalty for deliberately mishandling one classified document is 10 years in prison. Multiply that by 1,200. You do the math…

But you don’t hear anything about this anymore. The Department of inJustice isn’t lifting a finger… the media doesn’t care anymore…

Hillary Clinton will be the first felon to become President unless we act right now to stop her!

Hillary sent and received 1,200 classified emails. Tell Congress to appoint a Special Prosecutor to go after her before it’s too late!

The Founding Fathers were smart. They designed a delicate system of checks and balances to protect any one branch of government from gaining too much power.

If the executive branch refuses to enforce the law and is harboring criminals, the Constitution gives Congress the power to appoint a Special Prosecutor to handle the case.

The Department of Justice higher-ups refuse to prosecute Hillary Clinton. Why would they prosecute someone they desperately want to be President?

Not only did Hillary Clinton break the law and mishandle more than 1,200 classified documents, but she put this country at risk in the process. She opened up our national intelligence to foreign hackers.

She’s a criminal. It is plain as day.

But the Obama administration is protecting her. They are running out the clock and hoping that she becomes President before they are actually forced to indict.

This cannot be allowed to happen.

Congress is coming back today and tomorrow from vacation. It is absolutely imperative that we force the issue and make them appoint a Special Prosecutor!

The Obama administration is covering for her! Force Congress to go after Hillary Clinton with everything they’ve got!

I don’t know about you, but I’m done waiting. I am done waiting around for criminal charges that aren’t going to come.

Hillary Clinton is guilty. The Obama administration is guilty of covering it up.

Join us. Raise your voice and DEMAND the appointment of a Special Prosecutor to go after her once and for all!

Don’t give up! FaxBlast Congress and demand that they prosecute Hillary to the fullest extent of the law!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily