Another batch of Congressmen have officially cosponsored H.Res. 451 and joined the fight to force the Obama administration to reinstate Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland!

Every day that passes, even more Representatives and Senators come on board. But no, they aren’t joining the fight on their own accord. They are joining the fight because we have quite literally bombarded them with well over 475,000 faxes demanding his reinstatement! 

We’re not going to give up. Far too often, the Obama administration is allowed to ruin the careers of military heroes like this. Enough is enough!

We’ve got the momentum! Don’t give up now! Demand that Congress endorse H.Res. 451 and force the Obama administration to reinstate Sgt. Martland immediately!

Here’s the real kicker. While Sgt. Charles Martland is literally being forced to fight to save his career, Pentagon lawyers have recommended that traitor and deserter Bowe Bergdahl be spared jail time altogether.

Yes, that’s how dumb this has gotten.

A man stands up to a confessed Afghan child rapist and the Pentagon throws the book at him. But when someone deserts the army, deliberately seeks out the Taliban, and causes the deaths of soldiers sent to search for him, Obama’s Pentagon decides to let him off.

If the word shameful comes to mind, it should. It’s absolutely shameful.

American soldiers died trying to search for Bergdahl after he went AWOL and sought out the Taliban. Meanwhile, Martland’s crime is “shoving” a confessed rapist and making him fall over.

If you ever wanted to see the Obama administration’s priorities, these are prime examples.

This isn’t something we have to just live with, however. We are making huge progress! Everyday, more Congressmen join the fight to FORCE the Pentagon to reinstate this American hero.

But, every day that passes also brings us one day closer to Obama getting his way and forcibly discharging this man.

Don’t let this happen! Demand a vote on Resolution 451 to force the Pentagon to reinstate Charles Martland immediately!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily