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By now, you know about how the Obama White House sent an unmarked plane full of hard cash to Iran in return for the release of American hostages. For years, we have been calling for Congress and the administration to get tougher in forcing Iran to release its captives. But we have never advocated negotiating with terrorists.

The White House Spokesman admitted yesterday that the $400 Million cash shipment that the Obama administration sent to Iran, on the same day that Iran released US hostages, could easily have been used by the Iranians to finance terrorism.

This is why the law explicitly prohibited what Obama did.

It has been against the law for ANY American entity – whether it be an individual, a company, or the government itself – to provide material support to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

A DC transit cop was just arrested yesterday for providing material support (money) to ISIS. Yet, the Obama administration was able to do the exact same thing and we’re just supposed to let it slide…

The White House admitted that this $400 may have funded terrorism. Send your FaxBlast now and FORCE Congress to intervene and remove all those responsible from power!

The law prohibited American currency from being sent to Iran. So, the Obama administration hatched a plan to use an unmarked cargo plane and fly $400 Million dollars of US currency to Switzerland. There, the currency was exchanged for Euros and Swiss Francs and then flown to Tehran.

They used an exchange of currencies to circumvent the law and make the payment untraceable. This is money laundering.

Experts estimate that it cost al-Qaeda $50 Million to pull off 9/11. The Obama administration gave to the Iranians enough money to pull off eight separate 9/11-style attacks.

Once that currency hit Iranian hands, there is no telling where it went.

Considering that Iran has spent the last decade making IEDs to kill Americans in Iraq, maybe that ransom money built a roadside bomb just waiting to take out an American soldier?

Iran has a long and open history of funding Hezbollah, so maybe that money went towards buying Hezbollah more rockets to shoot into Israeli civilian centers?

What about the Palestinian organizations that Iran finances? Will this money be used to train even more people to gun down innocent civilians in the streets?

Lastly, Iran spends Billions of dollars a year propping up the Syrian Assad regime and financing its war effort. The Syrian government uses Iranian money to fuel up its aircraft to drop chemical weapons on its civilians. How many chemical weapon attacks did Obama finance with that $400 million payment?

These are realities. Iran funds terror organizations that target Americans, our allies, and innocent civilians alike.

So when Josh Earnest was asked whether the US could have directly financed Tehran’s terror operations with this ransom money, the White House Spokesman was forced to finally admit that is “certainly possible.”

It is “certainly possible” that the President of the United States just financed terror organizations. FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND they launch a full investigation and remove from power all involved!

The Iran Contra affair almost brought the Reagan administration to its knees.

Now, Obama has been caught paying Iran $400 million on the same day that it released American hostages. Iranian State Media ran stories detailing that the payment was a ransom payment.

Since then, Iran has taken other Americans hostage, no doubt recognizing that Obama is willing to break the law and pay whatever ransom they want.

Obama’s own Department of Justice tried to stop the money transfer. They told the White House and the State Department that it would be illegal to launder money in the dead of night like this to pay the Iranians. But the administration went forward with it anyway.

So the administration admits that what they did was illegal and admits that their actions could have directly aided and funded terrorist organizations. And when asked whether the 4 hostages would have been released if the money hadn't arrived, the White House refused to give a yes or no answer.

I will always support efforts to get Americans held abroad released from prison. But we CANNOT stoop so low as to pay a $400 Million ransom to the largest state sponsor of terrorism!

Why won’t Congress do something? Because We the People haven’t demanded it!

Obama just illegally financed terror organizations. Please, send your FaxBlast and DEMAND a full Congressional investigation and removal of anyone involved from their positions of power!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily