Fellow Conservative,

Today, Barack Obama is holding a gun control town hall event . The event isn't open to the public. The NRA has opted out of attending, saying that they have no desire to sit through another anti-gun propaganda event.

The tide is starting to turn against us. A new assault weapons ban has been introduced in Congress with over 120 co-sponsors. Hillary Clinton has come straight out and declared her desire to take away "millions" of handguns and then ban them all together. The President's executive order threatens to disarm 75,000 retired Americans this year alone.

The threats are real and they are all around us!

The assault against the 2nd Amendment is worse than we thought! Tell Congress to repeal these horrible executive orders immediately!

The 2nd Amendment has never had more enemies. We are being vilified for wanting to defend ourselves and our families and people who have never shot a gun, let alone figured out what end to point down range, are bent on telling us what types of guns we can and cannot own.

The President has instructed his administration to use technicalities to disarm the elderly and the disabled. He has instructed the ATF to arrest people selling guns at gun shows without a license even though it is literally against the law to get a license if you don't have a store front or place of business.

Not only has the President taken a step closer towards a nationwide gun registry, but he is using your tax dollars to develop technologies that would track guns using GPS and shut them off remotely. 

These are not conspiracy theories. These are steps that the President has taken in the past 48 hours to go after your gun rights.

Since then, Congressmen havecome out vehemently against these unconstitutional executive orders. Conservatives have promised a vote to roll back all of these offensive executive orders and Democrats have declared that they are going to block it. Yet, Congress as a body hasn't done a thing.

Here we have a President literally shredding the Constitution and Democrats and RINOs are lining up to defend his tyranny. It's shameful. 

But they won't win. They can't win.

A Democrat/RINO win will be the end of the Republic. The American people will be subjects, not citizens.

We cannot afford to delay any longer. We must rally together and DEMAND that Congress roll back these executive orders immediately!

Obama is not a king! FaxBlast Congress demanding that they roll back Obama's unconstitutional gun executive orders before they take effect!


Max McGuire

Conservative Daily