My Fellow Conservative,

In a stunning ruling, a US District Judge has determined that an Imam in Hawaii has a Constitutional right to bring people into the United States and that the State of Hawaii can block a national security decision if it affects tourism… Just for the record, Hawaii resettled 5 refugees in 2015 and none of them came from Syria, Iran, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, or Somalia.

Judge Derrick Watson, an Obama nominee, decided that even though Trump’s executive order makes no mention of religion, it still constituted a ‘Muslim ban’ because it negatively affects Muslims.

While the executive order goes into depth explaining why an immigration pause is necessary for each of these countries (Syria is a war zone, Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism, etc), Judge Watson disregarded it all and decided that the order itself is “illogical.”

Judge Derrick Watson would have made a decent Congressmen, or even a good bureaucrat in the Executive Branch. But right now, he is trying to legislate from the bench and he must be stopped!

Congress has the power to stop this but Ryan and McConnell refuse to schedule the vote. Send your Faxblast to Congress and demand they pass the Safety Against Foreign Enemies Act right away!

"It is undisputed, using the primary source upon which the Government itself relies, that these six countries have overwhelmingly Muslim populations that range from 90.7% to 99.8%,” the judge wrote in his ruling. “It would therefore be no paradigmatic leap to conclude that targeting these countries likewise targets Islam.”

You read that correctly. The Judge declared that because the countries in the ban have Muslim-majority populations, any action against them is an assault on Islam itself.

This, of course, completely ignores the fact that the revised executive order leaves 91% of the world’s Muslims unaffected. If this truly was a Muslim ban, you would think that it would apply to more than just 9% of the planet’s Muslim population…

This ruling has thrown the country into a Constitutional crisis. Even though Congress has given the President the power to bar “any class of aliens” from entry into the United States, this liberal activist judge is applying political correctness to a national security issue.

But let’s flesh this out. Would this judge have the authority to cancel a declaration of war against a country because its population was majority-Muslim? Could Judge Watson unilaterally withdraw the Marines that President Trump just send to Syria because Syria is a Muslim majority country?

Every single ISIS fighter is a Muslim. Does that mean it is unconstitutional to wage war against the Islamic State?

This is why his ruling is so idiotic. Even though it makes no mention of religion whatsoever, the Judge still declared it is a Muslim ban. He applied Constitutional protections to people who have no connection to the United States whatsoever.

Enough is enough. This has gone too far.

The House passed a bill back in 2015 with a bipartisan veto-proof super majority that would have made Trump’s executive order 100% legal. Now that they have to votes to get it signed into law, it has suddenly disappeared from the legislative calendar.

The legislation – the Safety Against Foreign Enemies Act – would require the Federal government to place every single refugee under extreme vetting and prevent any refugee from entering the United States unless the intelligence agencies certify he or she poses no threat to the country.

This is such a common sense bill that even Chuck Schumer said at the time it might be necessary!

Congress can block these activist judges right now! Get loud and send your message demanding that Congress pass the American Safety Against Foreign Enemies Act immediately!

Make no mistake. The leaders in the GOP are deliberately not bringing this legislation up for a vote because they are hoping that President Trump fails.

They could pass this bill right now and put a stop to all of these activist judges, but Ryan and McConnell don’t want to. They want to hang Trump out to dry. Ryan is on tape saying he would never defend the President. Is it any surprise that he’s allowing activist judges to block his immigration orders?

Ryan and McConnell cannot completely block a bill from coming to the floor. If enough Congressmen and Senators push for legislation to be heard, then the GOP leadership becomes powerless to interfere.

We must pressure every single Congressman and Senator to force a vote. Everyday, hundreds of refugees from these six Middle Eastern countries come pouring into the United States. Even though the refugees aren’t being fully vetted, this judge is now letting them all in.

Even worse is the fact that the GOP establishment is allowing this all to happen!

No more…

Get up and force Congress to act! Send your crucial Faxblast and demand that Congress pass the Safety Against Foreign Enemies Act right now!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily