Fellow Conservative,

I’m going to start by saying something that should come as a complete surprise: Barack Obama lied to the American people.

Yes, that was sarcasm. It would be much faster to count – on one hand – the number of times that Obama has been truthful than be forced to list every single one of his lies.

But never before has an Obama lie threatened the annihilation of entire countries.

The Obama administration lied to the American people, and Congress, about the contents of the Iran nuclear agreement. They withheld one key document – a side deal – that negates entire portions of the agreement they sold to the American public.

It has taken a year for the document to be released, but we now know why the administration fought so hard to keep this side-agreement a secret.

Iran will be allowed to build a nuclear weapon.

Obama withheld Iran documents from Congress and just invalidated the entire agreement. Obama broke the law! FaxBlast and force Congress to rescind its approval of this horrible deal!

Far sooner than expected, Iran will be able to ramp up its nuclear enrichment program once again and will be allowed to acquire much more advanced centrifuges.

The result is that the “break out time” – the amount of time it would take Iran to build a bomb if it suddenly decided to abandon the nuclear deal – will be cut in HALF.

Three-to-six months. That’s how long it will take Iran to build a nuclear weapon the minute it decides to go down that path.

The Islamic Republic of Iran continues to test-fire intercontinental ballistic missiles designed to deliver nuclear payloads. Just the other day, Iran tested a North Korean-designed missile.

Germany’s intelligence service recently released a report detailing that before, during, and after the nuclear agreement was signed, Iran was still trying to acquire nuclear weapons technologies.

The whole thing is a scam.

The Obama White House knew that the deal would do NOTHING to prevent Iran from going nuclear, and they hid this fact from the American people and Congress.

The contents of this side agreement weren’t even submitted to Congress for approval. This document was deliberately withheld.

The Iran Nuclear Agreement Act of 2015 – now Public Law 114-17 – was absolutely clear:

“Not later than 5 calendar days after reaching an agreement with Iran relating to the nuclear program of Iran, the President shall transmit to the appropriate congressional committees and leadership— ‘‘(A) the agreement, as defined in subsection (h)(1), including all related materials and annexes.”

The President signed a law requiring him to hand over all related materials and annexes to Congress in order for the nuclear agreement to be approved. The President broke the law. That’s a shock, isn’t it?

The fact of the matter is that the Iran Nuclear Deal is null and void because the President violated the law pertaining to its Congressional approval.

Congress can dismantle this agreement right now and that is absolutely what they must do!

Obama withheld documents from Congress. The Iran Nuclear Agreement was therefore never technically ratified. Send your FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress rescind its approval and roll back the suicidal Iran nuclear agreement!

The legislation was clear. Congressional approval requires that all related materials and annexes be submitted along with the text of the agreement.

Anything short of that would invalidate the ratification.

Obama lied to Congress, he withheld crucial documents, and in doing so, he invalidated the Congressional approval of the agreement.

Now it is up to YOU to force Congress to do something about it!

Obama did not submit the entire Iran deal, as the law required him to do. It is invalid! FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to rescind its approval of this suicidal nuclear deal with Iran!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily