Fellow Conservative,

This is breaking news! The President has just announced a new executive order to rewrite immigration law and bring even more foreigners here to compete with Americans for jobs. Not only that, but it will save immigrants slated for deportation and give them work permits as well.

The new executive action is going to explode the number of work permits and green cards given to foreign aliens. It will allow hundreds of thousands of foreigners to come here with little-to-no questions asked!

Not on your watch! Tell Congress to stop Obama’s radical immigration executive order!

Here is the regulation that was added to the Federal Register today. It is 181 pages long. It will open the floodgates and automatically grant work permits to foreign college graduates. Not only that, but it will spare immigrants already ordered to be deported.

It is hard enough for Americans to find jobs. Now, with the stroke of a pen, Obama is making American workers compete with hundreds of thousands of skilled foreigners.

The President literally cannot do this. Congress has set the limits on how many green cards and work permits can be doled out. What Obama is doing is tyrannical. It is just another step towards his open borders vision for America.

Right now, if a foreign College graduate wants to work here, he or she has to provide a job offer in a field relevant to their major, apply for a visa, and get lucky. There is an extensive application process.

Congress set limits on how many work permits the President can hand out to protect Americans from huge influxes of cheap Chinese and Indian labor.

When Americans lose their jobs, Obama does absolutely nothing. But when foreigners complain about not being able to take Americans’ jobs, Obama goes out of his way to craft an executive order. His preference couldn’t be cleared.

President Obama is a tyrant. He knows what the law says; yet he is deliberately changing by executive fiat.

Luckily, the change is not immediate. It is open for comment, so there is still a chance to stop this.

I know it’s New Years Eve… I know that you have a million things planned today and tonight and stopping Obama’s tyranny wasn’t one of them…

But if you won’t rise up to fight this, then who will?

Don’t let King Obama get away with this! Force Congress to shut down this radical immigration executive order and stop him by any means necessary!

The President is essentially ignoring the law and offering a pathway to citizenship for hundreds of thousands of foreign workers. That’s what this is. By giving them automatic work permits, it opens the door to future citizenship.

I have nothing wrong with bringing in immigrants and foreign workers looking for a better life. But we have a quota system for a reason. If we truly allowed an unlimited amount of foreign workers into the country, the economy would be devastated.

We cannot afford to just close our doors permanently, which no one is suggesting, but we also cannot afford to let Obama unconstitutionally rewrite the law to get rid of our quota system.

What Obama just announced is illegal, unconstitutional, and tyrannical. Out of nowhere, he has once again rewritten our immigration laws.

I know you’re busy. But I beg you, FaxBlast Congress and demand that they overturn this unconstitutional and illegal immigration executive order!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily