Dear Conservative,

This is the day that we have been waiting for!

For months, we have been forced to watch Lois Lerner thumb her nose at Congressional investigators. While she pled the fifth and refused to testify, more and more evidence surfaced that proved her involvement and participation in the illegal targeting of Conservative non-profit groups.

In addition to the mysterious disappearance of Lois Lerner’s emails, we have now learned that Ms. Lerner coached IRS employees to be careful with what they wrote in their emails.

The IRS had withheld these emails from Congressional investigators for months, but we finally have a glimpse into the mindset of a corrupt Lois Lerner panicking and trying to cover her tracks.

Do you see that? That is Lois Lerner shaking in her boots. At this point, she had known for almost two years that Congress was investigating her. She knew there was evidence that, if uncovered by Congressional investigators, could spell the end of her career.

So, Lois Lerner warned her co-workers to be “cautious about what we say in emails.” The only reason that anyone has to be cautious with their emails is if they have something to hide!

Lois Lerner also asked about whether conversations had on the IRS’ instant messaging service could be subpoenaed. Maria Hooke responded that the communications between IRS employees were not automatically saved and therefore could not currently be subpoenaed.

Do you know how Lois Lerner responded?

Lois Lerner thought it was “perfect” that her conversations couldn’t be recorded or subpoenaed!

The time to act is NOW! Representative Steve Stockman (R-TX) has introduced a House Resolution that would instruct the House of Representative’s Sergeant-in-Arms to arrest Lois Lerner! It is time to throw this criminal in prison where she belongs!

The power is in your hands! Force Congress to vote to have Lois Lerner ARRESTED!

As you know, the House voted to hold Lois Lerner in Contempt of Congress earlier this year. John Boehner then handed the case over to Eric Holder’s Justice Department.

What a surprise, Eric Holder has refused to prosecute Lois Lerner. Obama and the DOJ call this “prosecutorial discretion…”

But none of that matters anymore. It doesn’t matter whether or not Eric Holder will prosecute Lois Lerner for her crimes because Rep. Stockman has introduced a resolution to arrest her!

As I have said before, it is completely legal and constitutional for the House of Representatives to arrest someone who is held in Contempt of Congress. It doesn’t happen often, but in the 1821 case, Anderson v. Dunn, the Supreme Court affirmed that Congress does have the constitutional and legal power to imprison individuals held in contempt.

All that is necessary is for a Resolution to be passed by a majority vote that instructs the House of Representatives’ Sergeant-in-Arms to arrest an individual and throw him or her in the Capitol Jail. This is a power that must be reserved for exceptional circumstances. Luckily for us, describing the IRS scandal as exceptional would be an understatement!

The resolution is introduced and remarkably simple:

“Resolved, That the Speaker issue his warrant, directed to the Sergeant-at-Arms, or his deputy, commanding him to arrest and take into custody forthwith, wherever to be found, the body of Lois G. Lerner, and bring her to the bar of the House without delay to answer to the charge of contempt of its authority, breach of its privileges, and gross and wanton insult to the integrity of its proceedings, and in the meantime keep the body of Lerner in his custody in the common jail of the District of Columbia…”

John Boehner has the authority to demand that Lois Lerner be arrested, but the Speaker of the House is a spineless Republican-in-Name-Only who doesn’t have the courage to do what is necessary to obtain justice!

That is why this resolution is necessary! If it is voted on and passed, it doesn’t matter what John Boehner says. It doesn’t matter how spineless him and his allies are. If the majority of the House of Representatives votes to have Lois Lerner arrested, then it will be done!

That is where we come in. We MUST stand up and demand that our Representatives and Senators support this effort!

We all know that Eric Holder will never act against the interest of the Obama administration and the last thing the White House wants is for Lois Lerner to be legally compelled to testify!

You hold the power over whether Lois Lerner gets arrested or whether she is able to live comfortably outside prison. You elected these clowns in Washington… now is the time to DEMAND that they vote to arrest Lois Lerner!

It takes a simple majority to pass this resolution. Lois Lerner was held in Contempt by a margin of 231-187. There are plenty of likeminded Conservatives in Congress who will vote to have Lois Lerner arrested, but we need to make sure that they understand they will be voted out of office if they don’t vote for this resolution!

The power is in your hands! Force Congress to vote to have Lois Lerner ARRESTED!

Who’s ready to throw this woman in prison?

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily