Dear Conservative,

This one is a real game changer… A Federal Judge has just ruled that the Second Amendment doesn’t protect AR-15s and other Semi-Automatic Firearms!

Following the Sandy Hook shooting, the State of Maryland passed one of the toughest gun control laws in the country. The law banned all known AR-15 and AK-47 rifles, in addition to prohibiting civilian ownership of any weapons sharing characteristics with them.

Since then, many other liberal states have followed suit, arguing that there is no Constitutional right to own an “assault weapon.”

They are correct, in a way… If you illegally assault someone with a deadly weapon, you lose the right to own that weapon. But to suggest that millions of Americans own so-called “assault weapons” is to accuse these people of committing a crime.

In reality, AR-15 rifles are used for home defense, target shooting, hunting, and a plethora of other legal purposes. Because law-abiding gun owners own these firearms for lawful purposes, they should be protected under the Second Amendment.

According to the Supreme Court in the case Heller v. District of Columbia, the Second Amendment protects all firearms used for lawful purposes that are “in common use at the time.”

However, U.S. District Judge Catherine C. Blake has ruled exactly the opposite: that the AR-15 is too “unusual and dangerous” and is therefore not covered under the 2nd Amendment!

The Second Amendment is under attack! Tell Congress that Americans’ Second Amendment rights must be protected against these out of control liberal activist judges!

“Upon review of all the parties’ evidence,” she writes,” the court seriously doubts that the banned assault long guns are commonly possessed for lawful purposes, particularly self-defense in the home, which is at the core of the Second Amendment right, and is inclined to find the weapons fall outside Second Amendment protection as dangerous and unusual.”

This is just a glimpse of her 47-page opinion.

First of all, this woman is paid to uphold the constitution, not to bestow her ‘opinion’ on us. I don’t care if she was appointed by Bill Clinton and has drank the gun control Kool-Aid… Her personal beliefs shouldn’t matter!

This is what is so wrong with this country! Every American has the individual right to own firearms for defense of life, property, and country, but there are forces at work trying to take away that right! The gun control movement knows it cannot enact an assault weapons ban legally, so they are trying to push it through the backdoor!

The AR-15 isn’t the boogey man of the firearm world. Americans have lawfully owned AR-15 rifles since they were introduced on the civilian market in 1963. And since then, there have literally been MILLIONS of these guns bought by American civilians. As far as the Supreme Court is concerned, it is unconstitutional to ban any firearm that is “in common use at the time.”

Anyone who went to buy an AR-15 in the year(s) following the Sandy Hook shooting knows how hard they were to find! Gun stores literally couldn’t keep them on the shelves and the manufactures couldn’t keep up with demand. To suggest that the most popular firearm in America (statistically) is “uncommon” is completely ignorant!

The AR-15 isn’t a machine gun and it isn’t a gun designed for military use. It may look like its M-16 and M-4 military counterparts, but they are not synonymous with one another!

The fact that a Federal Judge thinks she has the power to pick and choose what firearms are protected under the Second Amendment is LUDICROUS!

This is what we are up against. Just weeks ago, a judge in Colorado determined the same thing: that the AR-15 was a clone of a military weapon and therefore not a protected firearm.

What the hell are these activist judges smoking?

The Second Amendment reads, “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Now before any liberal readers start trying to argue that firearm ownership is restricted to militia members… there’s something you should know. According to the United States Code (10 U.S. Code § 311), the unorganized militia is comprised of all able-bodied Americans, and especially those ages 17-45.

I am a member of the militia! You are a member of the militia! And it was the founders’ vision to have an armed citizenry that could, if necessary, be called into service to defend this great country against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

The militia won the American Revolution! If it wasn’t for the armed citizenry, the United States would still be a British colony.

Gun grabbers are always quick to assert that the Second Amendment only protects muskets and not scary looking AR-15 rifles. Well, quite frankly, this argument is crap. There, I said it!

The Second Amendment is under attack! Tell Congress that Americans’ Second Amendment rights must be protected against these out of control liberal activist judges!

To suggest that the 2nd Amendment only applies to muskets would also mean that the 1st Amendment would only apply to the spoken word and anything written with a quill and ink! To suggest this would also mean that the 4th Amendment’s protection against unreasonable searches and seizures wouldn’t apply to the NSA and its domestic spy programs!

Just because the Founding Fathers didn’t know about a certain technology doesn’t mean it isn’t protected within the Bill of Rights.

Luckily, the Supreme Court has already ruled in Reno v. ACLU (1997) that the first amendment, like all other amendments, applies just as much to modern communications as it does to prose written with a quill and ink!

There is nothing uncommon and particularly dangerous about a semi-automatic rifle, but these activist judges continue to lie their way into enacting assault weapons bans!

They know that the American people will not let Congress infringe on the Second Amendment, so these Liberal Judges are taking it into their own hands.

Whenever I talk to gun owners, they always feel assured that the courts will side on behalf of the people and put an end to these unconstitutional gun laws. Yet, we are seeing exactly the opposite! We are witnessing an entire class of activist judges attempting to reinterpret the Constitution to justify disarming millions of Americans!

The Second Amendment doesn’t give me a right to keep and bear arms; it merely recognizes a pre-existing human right that government “shall not infringe” upon!

The government does not give us this right, nor can they take it away!

This judge believes that no one needs an AR-15… Many in Congress believe that Americans don’t need AR-15s… Well, I have news for them: it’s called the Bill of Rights, not the Bill of Needs!

I don’t care what some activist judge thinks I need… I have a God-given right to protect my life, property, and country and I will be damned if I allow ANYONE to take that away from me!

Our Second Amendment rights are under attack. There is a concerted effort to redefine our rights and disarm millions of Americans in the process. If this ruling stands, it would legalize the disarmament and confiscation of millions of Americans’ guns!

It really is simple… Our Representatives and Senators believe that it is enough to just not join the gun control movement. They believe that they can fly under the radar without suffering the electorate’s wrath. That has to change! It isn’t enough to just stand on the sidelines, anymore.

If our legislators won’t do everything in their power to fight against gun control, then there is no difference between them and those who want to disarm the American people!

This ruling cannot be allowed to stand and I pray that you will rise up and join me in demanding that our rights be preserved!

The Second Amendment is under attack! Tell Congress that Americans’ Second Amendment rights must be protected against these out of control liberal activist judges!

I won’t stop until the last gun grabber is defeated,

Max McGuire

Conservative Daily

Advocacy Director