Fellow Conservative,

This is absolutely explosive. We are learning that the Obama administration may have circumvented US law and the Constitution by coordinating with British intelligence in order to place surveillance on Donald Trump and the Trump campaign.

If true… then a lot of people are going to prison.

Under the law, the Executive Branch is required to receive a warrant in order to place surveillance on any individual on US soil. We know that the Obama administration tried and failed to get a FISA judge to sign off on surveillance of Trump.

However, there is a loophole that a foreign government to spy on Americans and then give that intelligence to the American Intelligence Community.

This is the loophole that the Obama administration allegedly used.

Instead of accepting the FISA judge’s rejection, the Obama White House allegedly collaborated with the British Government Communication Headquarters (GCHQ, shown above) in order to intercept Trump’s communications.

Within just three days of Trump’s inauguration, the head of the British GCHQ resigned his post…

Help us take Obama down! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to fully investigate this new claim that Obama ordered warrantless surveillance targeting Donald Trump!

We have suspected this for days but didn’t have solid sources to back it up. This morning, Fox News reports that it has three sources verifying the intelligence scheme against Trump.

Yesterday was the final day for the Department of Justice to hand over evidence of illegal wiretapping to Congress. Curiously, the DOJ asked for an extension to continue compiling documents.

This whole scandal just got ramped up.

Yet the usual suspects continue to attack Trump for putting all the pieces together. Lindsey Graham is ordering the Trump White House to hand over its evidence. John McCain is ordering President Trump to retract his allegations and apologize to Obama. Even Pro-Trump members of the House Intelligence Committee are starting to turn.

Listen: We know that there was surveillance. That’s the only way that Gen. Flynn’s innocuous conversation with the Russian Ambassador could have possibly been leaked to the Press.

We know that the Obama administration tried to get a secret FISA warrant for a wiretap targeting Trump. They were turned down. Now it looks like they teamed up with British Intelligence to engage in warrantless surveillance of an American citizen and political candidate...

The entire focus of the Congressional investigation is into whether there was a warrant to surveil Trump and his associates. Unless Congress shifts its direction right now, Obama will get away with this.

Obama’s entire house of cards is crumbling and Congressional Republicans aren’t even paying attention.

If this allegation is true, then someone from the Obama White House is going to prison for a long time. Maybe even the former-President himself...

Help send these criminals to prison! Send your FaxBlast to Congress right now and DEMAND they fully investigate this new bombshell allegation!

I used to say that this was the new Watergate. But this is so much worse. Even Nixon didn’t collaborate with a foreign government to place surveillance on his political rivals…

Ever since World War Two, the US and its allies have been teaming up to skirt their domestic spying laws.

This is called “Five Eyes.”  The US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand all spy on each other’s citizens and then share the findings in order to circumvent their domestic spying laws. Just last year, Canada was forced to step back from this practice after they were caught in the act.

If Obama did this, then this was the worst crime ever committed by a US President.

However, Congress is hung up on searching for “warrants" right now, warrants that they'll never find because Obama broke the law.

The former administration covered its tracks. They did everything in their power to hide a paper trail.

But they never expected Trump to win. They never expected Republicans to maintain control of both chambers of Congress.

They were sloppy. They colluded with a foreign government to place surveillance on an American political rival and now sources are confessing to the whole thing.

This is our chance to take the former administration down and purge the government of all of these Obama-loyalist rats. But the only way that happens is if we force Congress to pursue this lead immediately!

Don’t let Obama get away with it! Send your urgent message to Congress and FORCE them to fully investigate this new allegation of warrantless spying!

Let's take them down,

Joe Otto

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