Fellow Conservative,

The Constitution is the lifeblood of our Republic. It dictates what each branch of government can and cannot do.

When describing the executive branch, the Constitution dictates that it is the President’s job to “faithfully execute” the law.

There is no doubt that the President, as the chief executive, has “prosecutorial discretion.” This means that he has the authority to make priorities when enforcing the law.

But what happens when this “prioritizing” is nothing but a mask to hide complete non-enforcement of the law?

In the last fiscal year, Barack Obama’s deputies repatriated (deported) just 4.9% of the unskilled, Central American illegal aliens caught inside this country.

Out of the 180,000 non-criminal Central American aliens that encountered law enforcement since 2011, only 8,085 of them were sent back home. Meanwhile, those same law enforcement officers released 30,862 undocumented foreign criminals aliens into our society.

This isn’t prosecutorial discretion… this is a complete dereliction of duty and a deliberate refusal on Obama’s part to honor his oath and fulfill his constitutional obligations!

The facts don’t lie! Obama refuses to enforce the law! Tell Congress that he must be impeached!

What I’m going to say isn’t popular. But just because something is unpopular doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be said.

Barack Obama needs to be impeached. He should have been impeached a long time ago. The data proves it.

These aren’t my numbers, by the way… They come from 2014 Immigration and Customs Enforcement Removal Operations Report.

The Left will say that the Obama administration deported 315,943 people in the past year.

What they won’t tell you is that this is the lowest yearly total in Obama’s entire presidency, representing a 14% drop since last year.

The Left also won’t tell you that two-thirds of all deportations were for illegal aliens immediately caught at the border.

This is where the statistics are truly staggering… The Obama administration apprehended 129,921 illegal aliens last year and just let them go. Among these were 30,862 convicted criminals who were just released from custody.

Give the gift of truth this Holiday season!

Prosecutorial discretion is supposed to be on a case-by-case basis. It’s one thing to tell law enforcement which illegal aliens to prioritize. But it is a completely different matter to have almost 200,000 illegals in custody and just let them go!

The law is clear on this. Any illegal alien caught in this country is to be deported.

And the Constitution is clear as well. The President can’t write laws and he can’t interpret them… his only job is to enforce them.

When he put his hand on the Bible and swore to “faithfully execute the Office of President of the United State(s),” Obama took an oath to enforce the laws as written, not how he wants them to be written.

And he has broken that oath… he has broken the law… and Congress needs to hold him accountable!

The President’s lawlessness has been proven! Demand that Congress draft Articles of Impeachment for Obama’s refusal to enforce the law!

No one is suggesting that Obama will be impeached over night. As long as Harry Reid controls the Senate, a conviction would be next to impossible.

But just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither is impeachment.

We need to raise our voices now and demand that Articles of Impeachment be Drafted so they can be introduced on day-1 of the 114th Congress!

A lot of you will say this is stupid with the 2016 election so close. Well, here’s a newsflash: there are elections every two years. I’m tired of hearing that we can’t impeach this arse-clown because of politics.

Here’s a newsflash: Republicans won the election after Bill Clinton was impeached!

Refusing to impeach Obama because of politics is no different than him selectively enforcing our laws for political reasons.

This needs to happen. It will take time, but we need to get the ball rolling and start DEMANDING that Congress hold this clown accountable for his lawlessness!

Obama is breaking the law left and right! It is up to YOU to demand that Congress stop him once and all! Click here!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily