Fellow Conservative,

For the second weekend in a row, Americans have been terrorized and attacked by radicalized immigrants.

Last week, it was the attack in Minnesota. Somali refugee Dahir Adan attacked 9 people with a knife in the Crossroads Center Mall. He went to his victims and asked whether they were Muslim or not.

Over the weekend, Arcan Cetin, a 20-year-old Turkish immigrant, went into a mall in Washington State with a rifle and killed five people. He fled the scene of the crime and disappeared into the night only to be apprehended by law enforcement days later.

This is the face of our open immigration system. At some point in time, it was determined that these immigrants posed no threats to the United States and they were let into the country. We know that the Minnesota attacker was a refugee. The Washington shooter is a Turkish immigrant.

In the next fiscal year, Barack Obama plans to bring 110,000 refugees into the United States.  That push officially begins in a little less than a week. This is our last chance to stop this!

Another mass killing perpetrated by a Middle Eastern immigrant. Send your FaxBlast to Congress now and DEMAND full passage of the American SAFE Act before Obama is allowed to kickstart next year’s refugee program!

I know what you’re saying. Obama leaves office in January, he couldn’t possibly bring in that many refugees between now and Inauguration Day.

The majority of the Syrian refugees that came in the United States this year were brought in over the past 4-6 months. The Obama administration has perfected the practice expediting refugee applications.

By perfected, I mean that they don’t bother fully vetting refugee candidates and allow them into the United States even if there is doubt over their identity or intentions. That is Obama’s idea of “perfect.”

The truth of the matter is this system is far from perfect and Americans are losing their lives so that the administration can continue it’s politically correct refugee policy.

Go back all the way to the start of the summer and see that the major attacks we have suffered were perpetrated by either Middle Eastern immigrants or the sons of immigrants.

Omar Mateen, the Orlando nightclub terrorist, was the son of a radical Afghan who emigrated in the 1980s and is a vocal supporter of the Taliban.

The Minnesota mall terrorist was a refugee from Somalia, a failed state that is unable to fully help us vet its refugees.

The New York and New Jersey bombings were perpetrated Ahmad Khan Rahami, a 28-year-old Afghan immigrant who eventually became a US citizen.

And now, this weekend, a Turkish immigrant killed five in yet another mall slaying.

Our immigration system is beyond broken. Our message is simple:

Shut. It. Down.

Another weekend, another horrible attack perpetrated by a Middle Eastern immigrant. Enough is enough! FaxBlast Congress and FORCE them to shut the entire immigration system down until refugees are fully vetted!

These immigrants came into the United States over decades. Many of them exhibited no signs of prosecutable radicalism until it was too late.

All of them have one thing in common, however: The only reason they were allowed to launch their attacks in the United States is because they were allowed into the country.

Our refugee, asylum, and immigration system is horribly broken. Applicants are still forced to answer under oath if they were ever members of the NAZI regime during the Second World War, but there are no questions in the process about radical Islamism.

You’d have to be 88+ years old to be a living Nazi and even then, you would have had to join at age 17. That is what we are forcing Middle Eastern refugees to swear to…

I don’t purport to have all the answers, but it is clear from the events of just the past few months that we have a serious problem of letting people into the country who eventually decide to try to kill as many Americans as possible.

The American SAFE Act would stop all this. This legislation would insert two very simple and common-sense requirements into our immigration system.

(1)  A full background check must be done on each refugee/asylum seeker.

(2)  The FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and the Director of National Intelligence must unanimously agree that the refugee/immigrant poses no threat to the United States.

It doesn’t get more common sense than that…

Obama begins bringing in 110,000 refugees next week. Please, send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they pass the American SAFE Act before it is too late!

Republicans passed the American SAFE Act last year with a bipartisan majority in the House of Representatives. Harry Reid successfully filibustered the bill in the Senate.

We are calling on the GOP leadership to pass this bill through a process called “reconciliation.” This would allow the Republican majorities in the House and Senate to put the bill onto Obama’s desk without a single Democrat even having to vote for it.

The votes are there to pass this. All that is missing is the American public demanding it.

That is where you come in!

How many innocent people need to die before we act? Send your FaxBlast to Congress here and DEMAND they pass the American SAFE Act and force Obama to vet everyone coming into the country!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily