LET MY PEOPLE GO! Congress, Watch This Film NOW! Ban The Machines, Ban the Mail-in Ballots, Free The J6ers, LIBERATE US!
Today marks the release of the documentary "Let My People GO!" Let My People Go recounts a modern deliverance story, intertwining two narratives of America's enslavement. The first is the election software used to steal American votes, and the second focuses on the real-life consequences for those who protested the November 3rd stolen election. This film is a reality that every elected official must face! We, the people, demand that our elected officials, both in DC and across the country, watch this film! We demand liberation! Ban the machines! Release our political prisoners! Let My People GO!
David Clements is the mind behind this film, a former law professor and attorney dedicated to exposing very real election fraud throughout our country. Clements is often labeled a radical election denier by the mainstream media, even though his statements about the machines, mail-in ballots, and persecution of the January 6th political prisoners have been backed by substantial evidence from countless professionals, independent investigative journalists, election workers, and more! What is exposed in this film is reality, a reality that our elected officials MUST acknowledge and FACE!
We have been demanding secure elections for years, and as the years have gone by, mountains of evidence have come forward proving that the American people have been systematically enslaved by election machines, a tool that steals our voice. Our elections at EVERY single level have been stolen. Americans are constantly bombarded with laws they DIDN'T vote for, higher taxes they didn't vote for, elected officials they didn't vote for, and it's all because of the MACHINES & mail-in ballots.
The audacity of the fraud we are confronted with is staggering. From false votes to deceased individuals miraculously casting ballots, among other things – these machines have become tools for subverting the will of the people. So let's take a look at all of this fraud… How about the statistical irregularities in various counties that point to alarming levels of election interference that cannot be ignored, how about the outdated regulations for election software? How about the demonstrations that show how easy it is to flip election votes without leaving a trace in the actual voting software? How about the FOIA requests from NIST saying that there were no responsive records for the voting system testing labs between 2016 and 2021, therefore meaning the machines are not certified? How about numerous election worker testimonies stating they saw votes being flipped & machines suddenly shutting down? This is just the tip of the iceberg; the election fraud runs deeper, the mountain of evidence goes much further.
So, to Congress: You now have access to a film that serves you, on a silver platter, all the information, all the evidence, the FACTS, of exactly how the American people have been enslaved, which is why we demand you watch it. But here's the thing. We know you know. We know many of you have participated in enslaving our nation; we know you have silenced and intimidated the voices of those who have spoken up against this tyranny, like the January 6th protesters who protested against the stolen elections. But we still demand that you watch this film because the people are waking up to institutional slavery, and we demand liberation!
Congress — WATCH the film LET MY PEOPLE GO! We demand secure elections! We demand in-person, same-day voting; we DEMAND the votes be hand-counted in the precinct they were cast and observed by members of both parties! Ban the Voting Machines! We DEMAND LIBERATION! LET MY PEOPLE GO!