REUNITE The J6 Prisoners With Their Families! Congress, Free the J6 Political Prisoners! 
This holiday season, while Congress and many of us Patriots will be surrounded by our families, indulging in the warmth and joy of Christmas, the J6 prisoners—individuals who have borne the cost of our freedom—will once again be denied the ability to spend this time with their loved ones. Congress needs an urgent reminder that, as they revel in the comforts of their homes, opening presents and celebrating, the J6 political prisoners endure separation from their families. This state of affairs is utterly intolerable, and these individuals MUST be liberated!
We are approaching the three-year anniversary of the January 6 protests. From these protests, the government, with the help of the FBI and other law enforcement, has unrelentingly harassed, imprisoned, and stripped the rights away from the J6 protestors. Congress has failed the J6 prisoners; they have allowed truly reprehensible things to happen to the men and women who believed in a system that would allow them to voice their grievances to their government. Instead, many of them have been imprisoned, with no trial date in sight.
It's not just a timely trial date the J6 political prisoners haven't received. The system that is intended to uphold justice has further failed these brave individuals. We now know that jurors are being recycled, and that many J6 defendants are being given the harshest sentence possible when tried. What's more, is that numerous J6 protestors, because of the mistreatment and persecution, have and are experiencing extreme distress and mental turmoil, leading some individuals to tragically take their own lives —a consequence of the systemic failure that cannot be ignored.
To compound matters, the released footage by Speaker Johnson has failed to provide even a shred of evidence supporting an insurrection. This glaring lack of evidence makes the continued incarceration and mistreatment of these individuals not only unjust but also unfathomable.
Our elected officials will have the luxury this weekend to spend time with their families, celebrating Christmas Day with the people that matter most to them. The January 6 political prisoners, some who have been languishing in jail for upwards of nearly three years, will spend another Christmas away from their families, their reason for fighting for this country.