On January 6, a protest took place in which many Americans exercised their right to peacefully protest and assemble at the Capitol. In turn, they were arrested as political prisoners. Our Constitution guarantees that we have the right to peacefully protest and assemble, so why is it that numerous J6 protestors are being held as political prisoners, waiting for justice? Congress needs to liberate the J6 protestors and protect their rights, putting an end to their political imprisonment.
It has been over two and a half years since the protests took place, and some protestors have spent over a thousand days languishing in prison, waiting for a court date and justice that has not come under the current administration.
In October, reports from several defense attorneys representing January 6 defendants revealed that potential jurors are being recalled or "recycled."
After the jury selection for Zachary Alam's trial, defense attorneys discovered that their potential jury pool consisted of jurors who had been excused the week before.
Additionally, The Gateway Pundit, who spent hours discussing this peculiar jury selection with Metcalf, found that Metcalf asked each potential juror, whom he was allowed to vet, whether they recognized anyone else in the room. Dozens of potential jurors answered in the affirmative, referencing other individuals they had seen at the federal courthouse just a week earlier when they were dismissed from jury duty in other J6 cases.
Metcalf stated, "I went through 85 potential jurors, and more than 20 people said they were here in this courthouse last week for jury selection. I identified at least 20, and other attorneys identified even more."
Reusing jurors isn't the only failure of the courts, many J6 protestors turned political prisoners are receiving the harshest sentencing possible. Livelihoods destroyed, families torn apart, the mental toll of languishing in prison… and for what, because American citizens exercised their 1st amendment right? Free these fearless Americans, free the J6 Protestors! 
What is going on?
I'll tell you what is happening: persecution, corruption, and injustice. The stripping of the people's rights!
To accept the persecution of the J6 protestors, who were exercising their right to assemble, is to accept and allow our government to trample on the First Amendment rights of all U.S. citizens. This must end! Liberate the J6 protestors, protect the First Amendment!
Congress must be made aware of the people's will. We have the right to peacefully assemble, to protest our government, and to exercise the rights protected by the Constitution. It is painfully clear that our justice system is corrupt, and injustice will be served to the J6 protestors. Congress MUST free the J6 protestors, stop the persecution, end the corruption, and cease the stripping of the American people's rights.