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Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Robert Hur to oversee the investigation into Joe Biden and the classified documents – the stacks of felonies – that keep popping up everywhere he goes. 

As Vice President, Joe Biden did not enjoy the same protections that President Trump enjoyed with respect to classified documents. According to the law, Joe Biden stole these documents. We expect the same rigor that was applied to President Trump’s document raid last year, especially since this occurrence is actually criminal. 

AG Garland knew about Biden’s document crimes prior to the midterm elections and withheld the information from the public to help Democrat election chances. That itself is impeachable for the literal “Head of Justice” in America.

With every new revelation, Americans lose more and more trust in the institutions that run society. And that should be concerning because we are starting from an all time low. 

Impeach and remove Joe Biden AND Merrick Garland, and prosecute them for their crimes. 

Remember your oath.