Early this morning, the "Mother Of All Caravans" left Tapachula, Mexico en-route to the US-Mexico Border.

The caravan, estimated by Telemundo to have reached 95k migrants, intends to invade the United States by forcing their way across the border.

On foot, it would take them 14 days to reach the nearest border crossing in McAllen Texas. However, they won't be walking the entire way. As was true with previous caravans, they plan to hitch-hike and use buses to reach the border faster. These are buses paid-for by American immigration activists, UN-linked NGOs, and even the government of Mexico. Driving most of the way will cut their travel time almost in half.

They are likely days, not weeks, away from invading. And while they are over 95k in number now, their ranks will grow as they travel through Mexico and pick up more migrants who want to illegally enter the United States. There are even news reports of thousands of people in South America leaving to try to catch up with the caravan.

We have never faced a threat like this and, frankly, we have no idea how big the Mother Of All Caravans will get by the time they reach the US Border. But if they're leaving Southern Mexico at 95k, it is very possible that they end up crossing the US border with over 150,000 people.

And do you know what the caravan is chanting on their way to the US?

"Joe Biden Is For All!"

Stop The Massive Caravan! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they pass the Remain In Mexico Act to stop Biden from letting the caravan into the US!

I want to put it in perspective for you... When Border Patrol caught over 200k illegal aliens in July, it was a record. Never before had Border Patrol apprehended so many illegal border crossers in a single month. September almost topped that, with Border Patrol apprehending 192k illegal aliens that month alone.

If this caravan grows to 150,000 like we expect, the minute they cross the border, they will set a new monthly record for illegal border crossings.

This caravan is so large, there is not a professional sports stadium on earth that would hold all of them by the time they reach the border. If these illegal aliens settle under a bridge, the way that the 16k Haitians did in Texas last month, their shanty town would be the 184th largest city in the United States.

By comparison, there are only 19,740 Border Patrol Agents (and even that is an outdated 2020 number and doesn't account for all the agents that quit this year). Even if they could bring every Border Patrol Agent to the part of the border where the caravan plans to cross - which would be impossible because it would leave the rest of the border unsecure - the caravan would still outnumber the Border Patrol by almost 8 to 1.

But it's not like it even matters. Biden has already issued his catch-and-release order. If 150,000 illegal aliens cross the Border, Biden's order means that almost 150,000 will get released into the interior.

You will pay for their bus and plane tickets, their housing, their nutrition, their children's education, and their welfare. And if Democrats get their way, they'll be added to the voter rolls in the next 5 years and offset your vote.

Or we can stop them at the border now!

Stop The Massive Caravan! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they pass the Remain In Mexico Act to stop Biden from letting the caravan into the US!

Democrats know that over 95% of fraudulent asylum seekers never show up to their court hearings. They disappear into American society and are never heard from again, until they kill or victimize Americans... That is why the Left hated the Remain in Mexico Program so much. Trump called their bluff. If migrants truly were seeking asylum, they would have no problem waiting in Mexico until their court dates.

The Remain in Mexico Program worked. Illegal aliens didn't bother filing fraudulent asylum claims because they didn't want to live in a migrant camp in Mexico for 6-12 months. 

Biden shut the program down and immediately, illegal border crossings spiked. This past fiscal year, Border Patrol apprehended a record 1.7 million illegal aliens.

The solution is simple: Congress must pass the "REMAIN In Mexico Act." This legislation is one and a half pages long and would force the Biden administration to immediately and permanently reimplement Trump's Remain in Mexico Program. This way, once the caravan arrives at the border, instead of being released into the US, they would be given a court date and sent back into Mexico to wait.

The Mother of All Caravans just started its march on the border TODAY. Unless Congress takes immediate action, Biden is going to let them all in..

If you do not force Congress to pass H.R. 1259 into law, this caravan will be released into the interior. You MUST stop them before it's too late!

Stop The Massive Caravan! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they pass the Remain In Mexico Act to stop Biden from letting the caravan into the US!

Secure the Border Now!

Max McGuire
Conservative Daily