The latest jobs report shows that the US Economy created an abysmally low 194,000 jobs in the month of September. To put that in perspective, economists had expected the number to be north of half a million. This is how big of a failure Joe Biden's Presidency is...

But we also now know that Border Patrol released more than 200k illegal aliens into the United States in September. 

Yes, you read that correctly: There were more illegal aliens released in the month of September than American jobs created. This is Joe Biden's legacy.

Now, Border Patrol is warning that they are on pace to surpass 400,000 border apprehensions in October. That is a number so astronomically high, it would double the worst immigration month on record. There is a new migrant caravan marching towards the US-Mexico Border. Locals in Central America are calling it La Caravana Madre, or The Mother of All Caravans.

So, what is Biden doing to respond? Is he shoring up the US-Mexico Border to stop this invasion? 

No. Biden just cancelled even more contracted border wall sections!

Stop the illegal alien invasion! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and DEMAND Congress approve funding for illegal alien detentions and mandate border wall construction!

The Biden Administration announced yesterday that it was cancelling 44 miles of border wall contracts for the Laredo and Rio Grande Sectors. This came after news broke that Biden has been paying contractors around 5 million a day NOT to complete the Border Wall construction sections that had already begun...

We are staring down a full-fledged illegal alien invasion and the idiot in the White House is deliberately lowering our defenses...

No, that is not hyperbole. The caravan's leader declared this week that they are "ready for war" if it comes to it.

This is an invasion. In October alone, Biden will release more illegal aliens than the entire population of Tampa, Florida...

Democrats are over-the-moon excited. They want to bring as many illegals into the US as possible so they can give them all amnesty and turn them into Democrat voters.

This will bring about the destruction of the Republic. But there is still time to stop this! In the coming days, Congress will vote on a spending package. That appropriations package will set the funding levels for Border Patrol and ICE.

It will decide how many illegal aliens can be detained at any one time, how many must be "caught-and-released," whether Border Patrol will be allowed to actually secure the border, and how much funding will be set aside for Border Wall Construction.

If the Democrats get their way, detention funding will be slashed, catch-and-release will be expanded, illegal aliens will be given more government benefits, and border wall construction will once again be outlawed. This is a recipe for disaster!

Stop the illegal alien invasion! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and DEMAND Congress approve funding for illegal alien detentions and mandate border wall construction!

Our goal is simple: First, we need to stop the Democrats from defunding Border Patrol and ICE's detention centers, to make sure that when illegal aliens are apprehended, they aren't just immediately released. Illegal alien apprehensions are at an all-time high, it is suicidal to tie Border Patrol's hands by cutting their detention funding to the lowest level in over a decade.

Second, Congress must fully fund and mandate Border Wall construction. The border is being overrun specifically in the areas that do not have border wall. Biden has shut down construction to make sure all of the illegal aliens can waltz right in.

Right now, the bill Congress is preparing to vote on would do precisely the opposite. It would guarantee that the border gets overrun. 

Only you can stop them, but you need to take action now!