Now is the time to repeal Obamacare before all its provisions take effect. Each day we are reminded why this bloated, socialist and expensive scheme is going to dramatically change healthcare in the United States of America. Tell Congress to stall it, defund it, and ultimately repeal this nightmare before it gets even worse.

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Obama is busy putting out propaganda on how great Obamacare is and how wonderful it will be when it is fully implemented. But, whatever means he resorts to cannot compare to the cold, hard facts: Obamacare is bankrupting America. Daniel Horowitz of has summed it up about as perfectly as anything else we have read: If Obamacare is allowed to survive, then our Constitution has no meaning and our Republic is finished.  It will engender a takeover of 1/6 of our economy, create permanent dependency, induce unsustainable inflationary pressure on the cost of healthcare and health insurance, and saddle the next generation with crippling debt.”

The facts supporting this statement continue to emerge.

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Some families are going to be priced out of insurance due to the way the law is written. Apparently Nancy Pelosi didn’t think of that when she was smugly telling the press we needed to pass it to find out what was in it. One wonders if she has been continually amazed at all its problems. Somehow, we doubt it.

The latest “oops” is that Congress says everyone must have insurance, and they are offering government subsidies to those who cannot find “affordable coverage.” However, they decreed that affordable coverage cannot cost more than 9.5 percent of family income … but that is per individual worker, not per family. The Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that a typical workplace plan costs $5,600 per person and $15,700 for a family. So while $5,600 might be considered “affordable coverage” under Congress’ 9.5 percent rule, you can see how $15,700 would be way over.

The employee, then, could look to a lesser-cost option through government subsidies; except, they can’t. The law just looks at the 9.5 percent and prevents them from going elsewhere. Now, that family is priced out of health insurance, all while being held over a barrel to purchase it. That’s the beauty of government, isn’t it?

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The IRS is assuming that under Obamacare, the cheapest family health insurance plan available in the year 2016 will be $20,000 annually.

Your paycheck is already lighter. Five new taxes relating to Obamacare have taken effect, including:

·         Taxes on medical devices, such as pacemakers, stents, and prosthetic limbs

·         A tax that raises the threshold on medical expense deductions

·         A surtax on investment income

·         A Medicare payroll tax increase

The Obama propaganda machine has begun spinning, sending well over $50 million of your tax dollars to PR firms asking them to push the benefits of Obamacare. Reporters from major news markets have attended symposiums to get their talking points ready. And in other bad news:

§  Physician Hospitals of America reports that more than 60 doctor-owned hospitals across the country that were in the development stage will now be cancelled, because they are ineligible to receive payments for Medicare and Medicaid patients—and it just won’t be feasible to operate. So not only do we not have enough doctors at the current time to handle all the new patients Obamacare is throwing into the system, the ones we do have are leaving practice.

§  The provisions are crushing small businesses and many are already cutting jobs or hours in order to handle the more expensive demands.

§  Government is expanding in order to implement all the provisions. The IRS alone is being given $500 million more dollars in order to act as the healthcare police and impose fines on those who do not buy insurance.

It is only going to get worse. Obamacare is killing jobs, raising taxes and it is going to be a burden on Americans for all of eternity if we do not defund and repeal this terrible nightmare, now.

Higher taxes. A loss of freedom. A society choking on limited medical care and higher costs. Is this actually what Obama, Pelosi and Reid envisioned? It is almost criminal to ignore the consequences of Obamacare. Tell every Member of Congress they need to act on this, now.

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Tony Adkins

Conservative Daily