Dear Patriot,

The most significant attack on our rights and sovereignty will take place in just 3 days. The World Health Organization will convene in Geneva, Switzerland to discuss the final stages of a Global Pandemic Treaty that will guarantee complete medical tyranny! The WHO will be granted supreme authority to enforce their demands if a member nation does not comply!
The 75th World Health Assembly will discuss the need for a cooperation agreement between countries for future pandemics and provide a framework for protocols. 
Sounds simple enough right? Wrong! The proposed treaty is a Trojan horse for a Globalist agenda that will leave member nations at the whim of the corrupt WHO’s edicts!
Any nation that signs this treaty will forfeit authority to a sinister organization that seeks to seize global control!
Send your Instant FaxBlast today and demand your Representatives stop this agenda in its tracks! Joe Biden cannot be allowed to sign Americans up for the Globalist New World Order!
With Courage,
Joe Oltmann