Coming soon to a basketball court near you, a cozy matchup between the NBA and the White House.

Politico is reporting that the Obama administration has reached out to the NBA about partnering up to sell Obamacare to the American people.

Enroll America is behind the scheme, and SEIU is on their Board of Directors. They have been tasked with promoting Obamacare to the public. They are the reason Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius is the target of a probe concerning conflict of interest, after the Washington Post reported that Sebelius was going “hat in hand” asking health industry officials to fund nonprofits promoting Obamacare on behalf of Enroll America.

Desperate to convince citizens that a complete government takeover of their most personal issues is a good idea, the administration is spending money on PR campaigns and sending officials out to recruit supporters—as unions revolt against it, doctors leave practice, hospitals close, and headlines are blaring that premiums are rising. Shut it down now before your favorite NBA player comes calling with his PR pitch…demand repeal now.

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Also of concern are Obamacare “navigators,” which, move along, nothing to see here, are ordinary people “trained” online for about twenty hours to propagandize and enroll American citizens into the healthcare plan. Doesn’t sound like anything much to worry about (other than incompetency) until you find out that convicted felons are welcome to act as navigators, and therefore will be invited to gain access to your most confidential medical, financial and personal information.

The Daily Caller reports that nine GOP Senators sent a letter to Sebelius warning, “The unreasonably low standard for becoming a navigator not only undermines the state’s ability to ensure consumers are protected but raises questions about the appropriate use of federal resources and the protection of highly sensitive consumer information.”

This is your government at work. There are so many other scandals going on at 1600 Pennsylvania these days, the mainstream media can be partially forgiven for ignoring the daily bad news about Obamacare. But Congress needs to be reminded the American people do not view Obamacare favorably, and all the things we warned about while they were “debating” the bill is sadly, coming to pass.

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We continue to believe this is a great time to influence Congress to defund and repeal Obamacare, because avid supporters are jumping ship, and nothing, quite frankly, is working out the way the Democrats had hoped it would.

Labor unions are being particularly vocal about disliking it, and they are always willing to open their pockets to Democrats in need of campaign money. But, 2014 may be different if Democrats close their eyes and shut their ears to the deafening sounds of this tragedy.

This is a great time for Obamacare repeal. The momentum is on our side.

Obamacare is terrible for America. We are going to keep up pressure to defund and repeal, and we want to make sure the Obama-leaning IRS stays out of it. Members of Congress must be put on notice: Obamacare is terrible for America, we are committed to fighting it, and we will hold them accountable for their actions relating to it.

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Joe Otto

Conservative Daily