Dear Conservative,

A week ago, I warned you about massive corruption within the Department of Veterans Affairs that was literally causing our brave military veterans to die while waiting to see a doctor.

Rather than allow their bosses to see how swamped and overwhelmed they were, employees at the VA hospital in Arizona deliberately didn't input new patient data into their computer system. That way, their bosses wouldn't notice how large the backlog was. Then, after weeks and months went by, the nurses would input the patient data into the database, making the average wait time appear to be shorter than it actually was. The result was 40 veterans dying while waiting for a doctor in the Phoenix, Arizona VA Hospital alone!

Back when I brought this to your attention, I speculated that this was more widespread than just a VA hospital in Arizona. I regret to inform you that I was right.

It turns out that the corruption that plagued the Arizona VA hospital has been found in four other states! Colorado and Wyoming now join the growing list of VA locations where employees sought to save their own hides rather than serve our veterans in a timely manner. What's worse? The Department of Veterans Affairs knew about this "improper scheduling" last December and the Obama administration chose to do nothing about it!

Our veterans are in pain, literally dying while waiting to see a doctor and Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki did NOTHING to stop this deadly fraud and abuse! An audit of the Fort Collins, Colorado VA hospital showed gross negligence and fraudulent record keeping contributing to military veterans unnecessarily dying while waiting to see a doctor. Shinseki has refused to resign, even though he has presided over the worst corruption scandal to hit the VA in years. Secretary Shinseki knew that hospitals were falsifying records... He knew that our military veterans were dying as a result... And he did NOTHING to stop it!

Tell Congress that VA Secretary Eric Shinseki must be impeached and removed from Obama's cabinet! Our military veterans deserve better than this!

Do you know why VA employees falsified records and made veterans wait months to be seen by a doctor? They didn't want to be on the "bad boys list." Yes, that is a direct quote, and you can read the email using that link… This is a smoking gun! We aren’t just talking about a whistleblower anymore… this is hard evidence of Veterans Affairs employees altering patient data to stay off the “bad boys list.”

I guess that's what people in the Obama administration call the list of people who literally let military veterans die while waiting for a doctor appointment... Instead of allowing for watchdog agencies to see how long the wait list was, these nurses and bureaucrats fabricated the imputed data so that no matter what, all veterans appeared to get a doctor's visit within the approved 14-day window. Even though there were tens if not hundreds of thousands of veterans waiting endlessly to see a doctor, the official records showed patients being processed faster than average.

In a memo recently obtained by CBS, one manager admitted, "yes, this is gaming the system a bit… when we exceed the 14 day measure, the front office gets very upset, which doesn’t help us.”

This is the reasoning that Veterans Affairs bureaucrats gave for ignoring sick and dying veterans! They didn't want to be put on the "bad boys list" and make their bosses upset with them.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has an obligation to help sick and wounded veterans. That is their only mission, and under Barack Obama and Eric Shinseki's leadership, the VA has been a complete failure. No, the VA is worse than a failure... This is the worst example of governmental incompetence that I have ever seen!

Our Veterans deserve better than this. They have sacrificed their bodies in the service of this great country. They fought for their flag under the assumption that they would receive treatment for their wounds and maladies once they returned stateside. From day-one, the Obama administration has failed these brave men and women and allowed them to languish on years-long waiting lists just to see a damn doctor!

The Department of Veterans Affairs knew that this was going on since at least December. And yet they did nothing to stop this gross negligence! VA Secretary Eric Shinseki must be removed from office!

Tell Congress that VA Secretary Eric Shinseki must be impeached and removed from Obama's cabinet! Our military veterans deserve better than this!

There is no reason for this to be happening! There is absolutely no reason for our veterans to be ignored like this and left to die on an endless waiting list just to see a doctor!

I have no idea why Eric Shinseki still has a job. Is this success under the Obama administration? With the IRS and Benghazi scandals dominating the headlines, not enough attention is being given to what is going on in the Department of Veterans Affairs! Our veterans are dying because bureaucrats don't want to be put on the "bad boy list" and blamed for the huge backlog of VA claims!

None of our veterans should have to endure this and the fact that their Commander in Chief allowed this to happen is unacceptable! Congress must remove Eric Shinseki from Obama's cabinet. Yes, Congress has the authority to impeach cabinet members who commit crimes or show complete incompetence. Eric Shinseki fits both those criteria!

These veterans answered the call to defend you. This is a call to action! Now is the time for us to rise up and demand that these heroes receive the treatment they deserve! That will never happen under Eric Shinseki's leadership!

Eric Shinseki is a retired General, and the American people owe him a debt of gratitude for his military service. But he is unfit to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs! I strongly urge you to take the time to tell Congress that it must impeach Eric Shinseki and replace him with a VA Secretary that actually cares about our veterans' well-being!

Tell Congress that VA Secretary Eric Shinseki must be impeached and removed from Obama's cabinet! Our military veterans deserve better than this!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily