Obamacare has been a bad idea from the start, and every day it gets worse. The lofty goal of providing everyone with healthcare has two inherent problems: someone has to pay for it (and that’s you and me, getting hit with a myriad of taxes) and there has to be enough doctors to go around (there aren’t, which we are rapidly learning).

And now the next trend is employers dumping spouses off their insurance rolls, because they simply can’t afford them anymore.

You cannot, in a free society, turn over one sixth of the economy to the government and expect good results. If Obamacare survives, America will no longer be truly free. Contact Congress and tell them to stall it, defund it, and ultimately repeal this nightmare before it gets even worse.

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We’ve already told you that employers are dropping staff and reducing hours in order to make up for the huge financial hit that Obamacare is causing. Some are closing their doors. In addition, doctors are in short supply and those who are still practicing are planning their exit. Taxes are skyrocketing, and states are preparing to loosen requirements on who can practice medicine and who can’t, in order to make up for the influx of new patients.

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Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid took a big gavel and jammed Obamacare down our throats, figuring we would forget about it as they moved on to the next terrible socialist idea. But America hasn’t forgotten about it, and every day we are reminded why this bloated government program is going to bankrupt us in many ways.

Obamacare is expensive. Businesses have to cut back in order to survive, and workers are seeing lower paychecks after various taxes have been taken out. This is a spectacularly bad idea at a time of such low economic growth and high unemployment.

Obamacare gives complete control to the government, which is incapable of running anything effectively. Bureaucrats decide what tests are ordered, and for whom. Though the Left likes to laugh at the “death panel” idea, it will be a logical result of the government trying to cut costs.

Obamacare destroys your privacy. Now the government not only demands to know whether you have health insurance or not, and what kind of coverage, but they are going to be in charge of a massive database of medical records. They can’t keep hackers out of their own files; do you really think they are going to be diligent about protecting yours?

Obamacare means lower standards of care. Because there are fewer doctors and more patients, states are going to have to change who is licensed to practice medicine. And the decisions your practitioner makes are going to hinge on one thing: cost.

Obamacare is total control. The government has decided you have to purchase a product/service that they set the price on, or you will be fined. The agency charged with making sure you do this has hired thousands of new agents and is arming itself to the teeth to make sure you comply.

The reality is, Obamacare is awful. No wonder Obama has to spend millions of dollars of your tax money to spit out propaganda about how great Obamacare is. The quality of your healthcare—if you can even get it—is going to decline. Your freedom and your privacy are history. The most personal decisions you can make about your health and the health of your family are now intimately connected to government bureaucrats and their ideas.

It is almost criminal to ignore the consequences of Obamacare. Tell every Member of Congress they need to act on this, now.

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Tony Adkins

Conservative Daily