THere used to be two types of journalists: opinion writers and straight news journalists. But in the age of Trump, they have been blended together.

The so-called straight news journalists are now injecting their own opinions into articles specifically to achieve a political end. They do this by deciding which stories to cover and by selectively choosing what sources they will use to make their case.

When it comes to CoronaVirus, the media are opportunists. No matter what Trump does, they find a way to criticize it in the moment.]

This is a great thread from Yossi Gestetner that shows how Politico has played politics with Trump's CoronaVirus response and got caught doing it.

Politico went out of its way to pick and choose sources who were criticizing Trump's Coronavirus policy. Today, they are trying to claim that Trump's actions were "widely hailed as strong an appropriate response."

If they were so widely hailed, why is it that Politico only seemed to cite anti-Trump sources???