Fellow Conservative,

Today, pro-life activists in 45 states are rallying to force Congress and President Trump to honor their promises and defund Planned Parenthood. We are joining that fight.

Trump has signaled that he will sign the legislation. Now it is up to Congress and this is the LAST week that they can act!

Before Obama left office, he pushed through a regulation (81 FR 91852) that forces states to continue fund Planned Parenthood. On Monday, Congress is tentatively scheduled to vote to repeal this regulation.

Here’s the good news: they can do this with just a simple majority in the House and Senate. The Congressional Review Act allows Republicans to reverse any executive regulation without the prospect of a Democrat filibuster. Essentially, Democrats are powerless to stop it.

The bad news is that our margins are so small that if even a couple Congressmen and Senators defect, the effort will fail.

We are on the brink of making history. For nearly a decade, we in the pro-life movement have watched the horrors of the previous administration. We have waited for our opportunity to fight back.

You have that opportunity – right here and right now – to finish this butcher shop off once and for all!

Please, join me in this fight. Raise your voice and DEMAND that Congress pull the funding from Planned Parenthood!

The way the Congressional Review Act works is simple. Whenever the Executive Branch passes a regulation, Congress has 60 days to undo it. If the majority of Congressmen and Senators agree that the regulation is wrong for the country, they can send the repeal bill to the President’s desk for signature.

In most cases, a President is not going to sign legislation to undo his own regulation. So this mechanism is really only usable when one President leaves office and another takes over.

We are out of time. The Obama administration finalized this Planned Parenthood funding regulation on December 14th of last year. That means that Monday technically marks exactly 60 days since the regulation was finalized.

We are approaching the final day that Congress can vote to roll back this pro-abortion regulation.

Here’s the best part: if we can force Congress to roll back this Obama regulation, it would prevent any future President from ever implementing it again. 

We can cut off millions of dollars of taxpayer funds to this abortion provider with this one vote.

There’s no do-over on this. It is now or never.

Don’t let this moment pass you by…

The time is now. Send your FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to use the Congressional Review Act to repeal Obama’s last-ditch Planned Parenthood regulation!


Max McGuire

Advocacy Director

Conservative Daily