Dear Conservative American,

The media is mocking us and hiding the truth about the outcry over Obamacare. Every day there is another waiver for some wealthy and well-connected friend of President Obama’s!

The media focuses on demotivating us, “Here’s something to keep an eye on as we enter the second half of the August recess: Will there be any grassroots outcry to speak of on behalf of the right’s push for a government shutdown to defund Obamacare, or will the whole thing be a big fizzle?”

The mainstream press is cheerleading for the Democrats and rolling their eyes at concerned American citizens who want to get rid of Obamacare. The Democrats are now printing stories in the mainstream press trying to DISCREDIT Obamacare opposition movements and SILENCE those of us working to defeat it.

They want us to give up, they want us to believe it’s a useless battle and give up and go home. It’s a big fizzle, see? Nothing but a bunch of racist tea party members trying to shut down the government!

Meanwhile, the Department of Health and Human Services is putting on a song and dance show—LITERALLY—trying to sell the American people on socialized medicine. They are sponsoring a contest on their website:

“Participants will be encouraged to submit three different types of videos advertising the benefits of the exchanges: a song, an animated short, or a video designed to convince viewers that they aren’t invincible. Using funds from the Affordable Care Act’s education and outreach budget, HHS will award $3,000 each to the creators of the three most popular and persuasive videos, while second and third place winners will get $2,500 each.”

Only the government could spend a Million to give-away $30,000!

I will not give up on America, and I don’t think you will, either!

The Washington Post concedes, “With momentum stalled in Washington, proponents of “defund or shutdown” know they must rally the base during the current August recess and are ramping up pressure.”

Will you just accept Obamacare out of fear to act? Fight with us, fight tough to get rid of Obamacare, NOW IS THE TIME TO DO IT.

Prove the Washington Post is out of touch: Contact Congress right now and tell them you absolutely support efforts to de-fund, disrupt and ultimately, REPEAL Obamacare! Exchanges will open up in about a month and a half—stop socialized medicine from coming to America! Speak out now!

Government is good at one thing: It knows how to break your legs, hand you a crutch, and say, ‘See, if it weren’t for the government, you wouldn’t be able to walk’ – American writer and Libertarian Harry Browne

A mother in Oregon who takes care of her 22-year-old daughter with cerebral palsy, spina bifida and another disabling condition currently receives $1,400 a month to care for her daughter, who needs 24-hour care. Obamacare will change all that. It prohibits “guardians from serving as the paid caregiver of adult children with developmental disabilities.” This mother, rightly so, is petrified about what this means for her daughter. Will she have to put her daughter into foster care? Or worse, she could be forced into a “lengthy and costly process in which she will be required to transfer legal guardianship over to the state or someone else.” 


Ask yourself why Congress is running away from Obamacare like it is a burning building, while they spend time and money escorting us in through another door. If it is not good enough for THEM, why is it good enough for WE, THE PEOPLE?

Businesses are already reducing full-time employee hours down to part-time. Families are finding out it is anything BUT affordable as they see their premiums rise. People are LOSING THEIR INSURANCE POLICIES that the President and Congress ASSURED US WE COULD KEEP if we wanted to.

Tell Congress not to fund Obamacare during the Continuing Resolution in September!

Three years later and the ROLL OUT OF THE LAW is a mess, over budget, behind on implementation, and no one thinks this mess will work once it’s in motion! Obamacare has already missed HALF of their project deadlines,

Not to mention, how safe do you think your information will be? Almost every week there is a story about how a few hundred thousand files were hacked into, or how several thousand social security numbers made their way onto the internet. Seriously? You think Obama cares about how safe your personal information is? The answer is, he could care less. And that is evident because MANY Congressmen have expressed concern over the safety and security of Obamacare databases. Yet, they keep marching on toward implementation on October 1st.

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Tell every Member of Congress: THIS IS ABOUT THE SAFETY AND SECURITY OF OUR FAMILIES. This is about protecting free enterprise in America and securing the promise of individual liberty.

We are not asking the President to shut down the government.

We are simply asking that Members of Congress fund everything BUT Obamacare.

On October 1st Americans will be putting their identity, their lives and the future of America in jeopardy when Obamacare begins enrollment in the exchanges, UNLESS CONGRESS DOES SOMETHING ABOUT IT NOW, WHILE THEY STILL CAN.

All they have to do is grow a spine and refuse to fund it. THAT IS ALL. Make your voice heard now, we are getting louder and we will make them hear us.

Fax Congress right now and tell them you disapprove of their special backroom deals on Obamacare and ask them why YOU are being forced to live with this disastrous law. Call them out on their hypocrisy! Tell them to STOP OBAMACARE in its tracks!

What does Obamacare mean for your family and your future?

IT IS EXPENSIVE. Employers are going to decide it is more beneficial to pay the fine rather than provide you with insurance. EVERYTHING in your life is going to increase in price, and rapidly.

IT GROWS THE GOVERNMENT. Obamacare creates 159 new agencies, boards and commissions. It gives the IRS even MORE control over you. If the precedent is set that the government can mandate that you purchase something, what are they going to FORCE YOU to do next?

Do you trust the government? I didn’t think so. Hackers are probably chomping at the bit for October 1st to arrive, because in the next few months they will be honing their plans to attack. Identity theft, financial problems, blackmail, public exposure of records—all your eggs (and medical issues) are going to be conveniently put in one basket, as they say.

Obamacare is unworkable, unproven and unnecessary. It is a massive socialist overhaul of our economy that sets America up for certain failure. How many ILLEGAL changes will we allow this President and this Congress to make to this disaster before we DEMAND THEY DE-FUND OBAMACARE?

This is not about politics; this is about our families and our health. This is about the future of this country.

We have a handful of principled Congressmen fighting to defund Obamacare. They need our help and support now, and they need it when they vote on the Continuing Resolution on September 30th.

WE REALLY CAN DO THIS.  There are many Members of Congress who are fighting to defund it, but they are up against the wall of Republican establishment. They need us, now.

WE HAVE THE MOMENTUM ON OUR SIDE.  Democrats who voted for it are nervous about its implementation and the influence it will have on their re-election campaigns. Unions, who sold it hook, line and sinker to their members, don’t want Obamacare at all. Obama is CHANGING THE LAW and granting delays and waivers.

THIS IS THE TIME TO GET RID OF IT. The deadline is looming. We must show them we mean business—and those who refuse to act might as well start packing their bags and heading back to their districts, because we will kick them out of Washington the first chance we get.

Send them a clear message … Do the right thing for the country.

Please, join us in making sure this disastrous legislation meets its end before it destroys our economy and health. Many in Congress are listening, and those who don’t “get” it yet soon will…put pressure on them to stand up for their principles and get rid of this terrible legislation!


Tony Adkins

Conservative Daily