This is pretty disgusting. A month ago, when President Trump ordered an end to Chinese flights into the country and mandatory quarantines for people who had visited the areas of China hard-hit by the virus, Democrats condemned Trump for overreacting.

Now, they have flipped their script and claimed that Pres. Trump isn't doing enough. It is truly shameful to see the Democrat Party try to politicize this health emergency to score political points...

And the worst offenders are Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. This past week, President Trump submitted a proposal to Congress for an emergency funding package to give the Executive Branch 2.5 billion to combat the Coronavirus. Instead of working with the President, Democrats condemned the request and claimed that it was "not enough."

Chuck Schumer claimed that Trump wasn't doing enough and demanded that the President increase his funding request to over 7 billion. And instead of rushing the bill to the floor, Nancy Pelosi responded that there needed to be bipartisan discussions and compromises before the House would be allowed to vote on a Coronavirus response bill.

A week later, they have done absolutely nothing. But that hasn't stopped Democrats from using the past week to spread even more lies designed to hurt the President.

They are claiming that Trump cut the CDC's budget (he did not). They are saying that Trump fired the White House's top epidemic specialist (he was not fired, he quit and since he was hired to deal with Ebola, the responsibilities were shifted to other agencies). And worst of all, they are lying and claiming that Trump called Coronavirus a hoax (the President called the Democrats' politicization of the virus a hoax).

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats could have held a vote this week on a Coronavirus aid package. But, she refused to hold the vote because it is far better, politically, to be able to claim the government is doing nothing. Democrats are literally playing politics with American lives!

Nancy Pelosi must go! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to remove Nancy Pelosi from office for her disgraceful conduct!

Amidst all of this, Democrats are now saying that they will likely not get around to approving Coronavirus funding until mid-to-late March. It is absolutely disgusting.

I never thought I would see a day when Democrats would actually politicize a pandemic and try to make it harder to protect the American people, all to score political points.

Trump slammed Pelosi and Schumer, accusing them of politicizing the issue and deliberately trying to sabotage the government's response.

"I think Speaker Pelosi's incompetent," Trump said during a press conference. "I think she's not thinking about the country. She should be saying we have to work together."

Pelosi's team shot back at Trump on social media by posting a picture of Pelosi making fortune cookies in Chinatown and claiming that is what leadership looks like... That actually happened.

President Trump is racing to find ways to protect the country on his own. But he is being deliberately sabotaged by Democrats, all so they can take political shots at him. The American people deserve better than this...

There is no longer any doubt. Nancy Pelosi must be removed from office!

Nancy Pelosi must go! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to remove Nancy Pelosi from office for her disgraceful conduct!

Over the last couple of months, the movement to remove Speaker Pelosi has grown. She has been caught colluding with foreign governments to undermine Trump's foreign policy. Then, during the State of the Union, Nancy Pelosi decided to throw decorum aside and rip up her copy of Donald Trump's speech, on camera.

And during all of that, Nancy Pelosi forced the moderates in her party to fall on their swords and commit political suicide to advance her bogus impeachment push. Even though it accomplished nothing, these moderate Democrats are still likely to lose their seats.

And now, as the President fights to protect the country from a pandemic, she has decided to politicize that too and slow walk the funding package, all while criticizing Trump for 'not doing enough.'

Nancy Pelosi has proven that she is beneath the dignity of the office that she holds. She has no business serving in any capacity and must be removed from office!

That is why we are calling on you to join our campaign today! Our message to Congress today is simple: Any Congressman or Senator who refuses to take action against this disgraceful conduct will be seen as endorsing it... and will be held accountable!"

But the only way we can win this fight is if you take action right now!

Nancy Pelosi must go! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to remove Nancy Pelosi from office for her disgraceful conduct!

Kick Pelosi to the curb!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily