In a shocking revelation, Dr. William W. Thompson, a Senior Scientist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has come forward with a statement that examined the potential link between the MMR vaccine and autism.
Dr. Thompson, while affirming his belief in the life-saving benefits of vaccines, expresses concern about the selective reporting of findings in this particular study. He emphasizes that the risks associated with vaccines are outweighed by their substantial benefits in preventing serious diseases. However, he emphasizes the importance of transparency in conveying the risks associated with vaccination, especially when it comes to specific subgroups and vaccines.
The statement also reveals Dr. Thompson's involvement in discussions with Dr. Brian Hooker over the past 10 months, focusing on CDC studies related to vaccines and neurodevelopmental outcomes, including autism spectrum disorders. While Dr. Thompson agrees with Dr. Hooker's call for transparency in CDC decision-making and analyses, he was unaware that their conversations were being recorded or that his name and voice would be made public.
Dr. Thompson expresses gratitude for the supportive e-mails he has received and states that he will not be answering further questions at this time. However, he assures that he is providing information to Congressman William Posey and will cooperate with Congress. He has also offered to assist in reanalyzing the study data or conducting further studies. For now, his primary focus remains on his job and his family.
Dr. Thompson concludes by emphasizing the importance of unbiased and objective scientific analysis. He pledges to support any scientists, whether within or outside the CDC, who aim to analyze data collected by the CDC or other public organizations to determine whether vaccines are associated with an increased risk of autism. He acknowledges that there are still many unanswered questions in this ongoing debate and urges continued research for the sake of public health.
In light of Dr. Thompson's statement, the scientific community and the public must confront the challenges posed by selective reporting and the need for transparency in vaccine research.