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Public shootings are tragedies. Using public shootings to emotionally manipulate the people is the beginning of fascism. According to Brittanica: 

“Although fascism is a notoriously difficult ideology to define, many 20th-century fascist movements shared several characteristics...sourced their political strength from populations experiencing economic woes, real or imagined...capitalized on these economic anxieties by shifting the blame away from government or market forces…redirected popular anger toward [specific] people/groups. Although many fascist movements initially organized themselves around democratic institutions for political legitimacy, they resorted to totalitarianism in practice. A component of this process became the reorganization of society around a strict moral code that often sought to reverse the ‘decadence’ of pre-fascist culture.’”

You know you are being revealed, and so you must politicize community tragedies to disarm your targets. It would be amusing if there wasn't such a serious historical precedent. You cannot have an authoritarian or totalitarian regime for long in an armed society.

You know that you have to disarm the American people to bring about the Great Reset to the New World Order.

To do that, you need a registry of who has the guns. The Constitution won’t allow the government to do it, so you're using public/private partnerships to violate our second amendment rights. You were sent to DC to preserve and protect our rights. The 2A is explicit in the Constitution.

Remember your oath.