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Dear Congress,

Last night, Mollie Hemmingway tweeted, “Serious question for a piece I'm writing: If you were asked to name the single best achievement of Senate Republicans in the last two years, what would you say?”

Harmeet Dillon, who is running to be the next GOP Chair said only, “Um.” 

Then Stephen Miller said, “Somehow managing to go an entire 2-year period without generating a single national headline about fighting Biden’s open border — despite having 50 Senators, the filibuster, and the ability to grind nominations to a halt if desired.”

On Miller’s post, a small account called CowDoc replied to Miller and said: “Ya kinda start thinking they don't really disagree with what's going on, don't you?”

There it is. It’s a uniparty, a cartel, a cabal…a very small club that includes most of you but few of The People. Hemingway’s comical thought experiment comes as you’re all gathering under the dome to celebrate the money laundering operation and welcome Ukrainian war criminal Zelensky into the People’s House. 

With that, you want us to believe that the war in Ukraine is so important, so devastating –, so totally real – that the Ukrainian commander in chief can take a quick vacation to Washington DC for some praise and adulation from his biggest fans/donors.

Zelensky’s trip comes as few (none?) of you have returned the laundered FTX money. Investors lost everything, Zelensky got a lot of it, and you think you get to keep it, right? You think we’ve all forgotten. 

We won’t forget. This is not going away. 

DEMAND FOR REMEDY: No more funding. No more money laundering. Both Democrat and Republican leadership need to be exposed for their role in this massive scandal. 

We know that most of you are implicated, even if just for passing watching your colleagues violate the Constitutionally-protected, natural rights of Americans. “Against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” 

Come clean about your role. Before one of your colleagues saves themselves.